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I think Paul Ryan is a little confused about "class" structure in America

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On Fox News Sunday Representative Paul Ryan said, “Class warfare may make for good politics, but it makes for rotten economics. We don’t need a system that seeks to divide people. We don’t need a system that seeks to prey on people's fear, envy, and anxiety."

For once, I agree with Paul Ryan. Where we disagree though is which side exactly is causing this "class warfare."

Our current tax structure, which allows hedge fund managers and investors claim millions of dollars (the vast majority of their income) as capital gains, wihch is taxed at a whopping 15%.

This means that a hedge fund manager (one of the A-holes who created the stock market crash) claims 28% on his $150,000 salary, but then claims only 15% on his $5,000,000 bonus he "earned".

In the meantime, if you earned $35,000 working construction, teaching or in sales, you have to pay 25%.

This current system, in which millionaires  "earn" their money by investing their own wealth, or by investing other people's wealth for them does not create more jobs, it simply creates more wealth for a tiny minority of the American people. Paying less of a percent of your income to Uncle Sam when you have 300,000 times the income of the average American is "class warfare."

It is our current system that rewards hard work much less than it does inherited wealth that is causing class warfare. When I see Warren Buffett paying literally half the tax rate that I do when all he is doing is reinvesting his wealth every year is the prime example of a "system that seeks to prey on people's fear, envy and anxiety."

What President Obama is trying to do by making the tax system more progressive and having millioniares pay a little more is lessen these feelings of envy and anxiety. It is much easier for someone who has 12 pies all to themselves to give back 35% than it for a person who has one piece to give back 25% of that one single piece.

There are three people sitting at a table eating pie: a conservative, a liberal and an independent. The pie is cut into 12 even pieces. The conservative takes 11 pieces for himself, looks at the independent and says, "Hey, I think that liberal is eyeing up your piece of the pie."

But I do not expect Paul Ryan to understand any of this logic. A man who sits down to dinner with hedge fund managers and drinks $300 bottles of wine has no idea what real "class" is.

A man who looks to balance America's checkbook not by asking the super wealthy to pitch in their fair share, but by cutting programs that aid the poorest of the poor has no "class".

A man who thinks it is okay that he, himself benefited from "entitlement' programs, but who wishes to see them vanish in the near future so that millioniares can continue to receive tax cuts has no "class".

A man who would rather cut Medicare for millions of poor seniors than raise the tax rate of America's 400,000 millionaires has no "class" to speak of.

That's right Paul Ryan - despite the fact that you are now too a millionaire due to property investments in Texas oil fields,  you are nothing but a low-class carpet bagger who preys on the poor, the old and the undereducated. Paul Ryan belongs in the lowest class of Americans, especially compared to those who teach our children, police our streets, build our roads and nurse our children. Those people - the public servants who often earn less than $50,000 per year should be paying half the tax percentage of an investor. The hard-working middle-class people in America are the TRUE upper class.

Below: Representative Paul Ryan shows how he has a vice-grip on the balls of America's middle class. "As a true conservative, I plan to hold on tight to these balls, uh, I mean my fiscal values." (not a real quote)

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