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Do Me a Favor and "Google" Something For Me . . .

rick+perry, apostolic+reformation+church, rachel+tabachnick

rick perry + apostolic reformation church + C. Peter Wagner

Besides the wikipedia definition of apostolic reformation church, this is the 2nd hit that I got when I googled those terms together:

For any level-headed person out there, this stuff is pretty scary!

And yes, please really do "google" those terms together and see what you come up with. Google does narrow your search results based upon your browsing history, so those who go to should come up with some different hits than those who frequent - but I really do want you to do some research on your own. If you find anything disturbing or surprising, I am asking you to please post it here, even if it goes against your previous assumptions about Gov. Rick Perry.

At Rick Perry's recent call to prayer meeting members of the ARC spoke along side him and even co-sponsored the event. On my second google hit, I learned this about the ARC:

"The apostles of the NAR view themselves as leading the one legitimate church and unifying Christianity for the end times.  In their end times scenario, it is necessary to take control over societal and governmental entities before Jesus can return. But first, as could be heard repeatedly in the messages at Rick Perry's prayer event, the church has to repent and be cleansed.

In the context of the teachings of the NAR, the repeated calls for repentance of the church at Perry's prayer event were about cleansing Protestantism of its toleration of homosexuals, a woman's right to choose, and most importantly - of its toleration for religious pluralism, separation of church and state, and secular government. Again, toleration of those things of which they disapprove is not a virtue, but a sign that one is controlled by demons."

If having the President of the United States freely associate with these people and sharing their belief system does not frighten you - I have a haunted house I would like to sell you, but before you mve in, dig out that rosary!

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