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. . . A Little More About The Tea Party

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A lot of the comments on my last blog about the Greendale Tea Party were in defense of the group using the Greendale Public Library for their meeting, which I found hypocritical, since the group wants funds cut to libraries in WI and does not believe that tax payer money should be wasted social services like Medicare and social security (and public libraries) because the government should not intervene in such services.

But there is more:

Straight out of the Meeting Room Policy from the Greendale Public Library:

"The meeting room may not be used for partisan political activities unless the activity is a balanced presentation sponsored by a nonpartisan community organization." (section VB)

Now since one of the commentors informed me that the Tea Party was NOT formed out of frustration of all political parties, but rather frustration with the Republican Party, that makes it an angry extension of one political party. Either way, it is a political party, since you may be nominated on a ballot as a Tea Party member.

This group is partisan and not at all balanced or co-sponsored by a nonpartisan community organization.

And it would not be such a big deal to me if last year when I attempted to reserve the room for a Political Action Committee meeting I was given the Meeting Room Policy and informed that the group would probably not be allowed to reserve the room.

I will admit though that the library director did say he would allow the PAC in which I belong to (the Progressive 28th) to reserve the room since the Tea Party is doing so and they are obviously partisan.

In fact, one woman at the Tea Party meeting who I will call "Lisa" literally said, "We are an activist group." And in their mission statement (which I helped to write) they admit that they aim to "influence members of government". Though they seem to not get very much done at their meetings, they want to push a purely conservative agenda - which sounds like a "partisan politcal activity" to me.

Also, in the way of hypocrisy:

The Tea Party is supposed to be upset with "high taxes", but in actuality taxes are at an historic low. The highest marginal income tax rate is at 35% right now for America's highest earners, with the exception of '88-'92 is the lowest since 1931, when it was at 25% at the height of the great depression. The next year it jumped to 63% and continued to rise to 94% in 1945 and hoverd in the 90% range until 1963. I am too young to have lived through the glory days of the fifties, (defined as 1945-1963, really), but it seems as though when the taxes on the rich were at their highest, the middle class soared in America. See the tax chart here:

Republicans and Tea Partiers are also always complaining about how high the Capital Gains tax is, but that too is at an all-time low - Right now the maximum tax rate on long term gains is 15.35%, 10% less than it was when first created in 1954 by Republican Dwight D Eisenhower.

I do not understand how the conservatives can whine and complain about high tax rates on the wealthy and exhorbent benefits for public workers, but they will keep a blind eye to the CEO of WE Energies claiming a $10 million bonus as a "capital gains" tax so he can be taxed at %15 instead of 35%.

Where is the flag-waving now? Where is the patriotism in a rich American not paying his share of taxes?

The Tea Party is either uninformed, misinformed or completely hypocrital. It is likely they are all of the above.

p.s. Sorry about any spelling mistakes, but the program does not have a spell-check, and if I write in a Word Document and paste my computer freezes, so what you get is what you get!

p.s.s. I am not gay, but if I were and the Tea Party did not let me in their meeting because of that fact, like one of you suggested, that would be a violation of my civil rights. And someone suggested that Tea Party backers were not at all Bigoted!!!

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