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Meet The Man Who Will Leave Paul Ryan Unemployed in 2012

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This weekend I met with Rob Zerban, a Kenosha Democrat who is vying for Paul Ryan's seat in Wisconsin's first congressional district.

Zerban's ideals match those of the majority-working class. Zerban was raised by a single mother, paid his own way through culinary school and built two successful companies from scratch, and offered his employees affordable health insurance plans and paid sick days (the horror!)

Mr. Zerban also plans on listening to his constituents, who by a margin of 8-2, favor keeping Medicare in tact. Ryan of course, wants to offer the elderly the "chance" to shop around for health care with coupons while he cuts billions from Medicare and Medicaid, but gives $45 BILLION in tax subsidies to energy companies that he himself is invested in.

That's right, Paul Ryan will make loads of $$$ off of his proposed budget while the poor and elderly rape their life savings to pay for the medical bills that are left after their "vouchers" run out. There you go Paulie, always looking out for the little guy, as long as the little guy is your accountant or your portfolio manager.

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