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Franklin aldermen need to do important job right

Franklin aldermen are in serious discussions about economic development.

This is a good thing.

Revitalizing our local economy and improving our business climate is right up on the list of critical issues with taxing and spending. I wish our elected officials the very best in their efforts.

However, dampening my optimism is knowing that the approach being submitted by more than one alderman is tired, and old and dreary and lacking vision or originality: Let’s form a committee.

Who will be on the committee? How many members? Who chooses them? Who will they report to? What powers will they have?

It’s all up in the air. Wonderful.

FranklinNOW reports there are three separate plans:

Number one….

“At the heart of the issue is whether the Economic Development Commission will be abolished and reorganized as a Forward Franklin Development Committee under the Community Development Authority or re-established and strengthened through improved member qualifications and job duties. The resolution calls for a seven-member body, including one alderman, that will report to and work more closely with the CDA.”

Number two…

“In response to the resolution, two members of the EDC - Alderman Steve Olson and resident-appointee Joe Haselow - drafted a plan that allows up to 12 members who have ‘passion’ as well as a ‘profile of relevant skills’ who will proactively develop and respond to economic opportunities.”

Sounds vague to me. What does that mean? Define “passion” and “relevant skills,” please.

Number three…

“The third economic development resolution, authored by Alderman Doug Schmidt, also cuts the commission to seven members and consolidates some of the same Forward Franklin elements but does not place it under the CDA. Schmidt was not available for comment.”

Generally speaking, the general public that undoubtedly views this inside baseball stuff as a real snoozer doesn’t care a hoot about process. They want results. How best to achieve them is the key, not the make-up of yet another committee.

So I offer my own friendly, respectful advice on how to get this critical job done. I have stolen it from an article in my blog this past Sunday, “Recommended Reading.” And it comes from an individual who has created tons of jobs, David Kim:

Lower taxes

Cut the red tape

And keep in mind, Franklin aldermen, that you do not create private sector jobs. You do, however, have the power to make it easier for businesses to start or re-locate here to create jobs.

Best of luck.

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