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E-mails, I get e-mails: Death of the Good Samaritan

Last month, USA TODAY reported, “Americans depended more on government assistance in 2010 than at any other time in the nation's history, a USA TODAY analysis of federal data finds. The trend shows few signs of easing, even though the economic recovery is nearly 2 years old. A record 18.3% of the nation's total personal income was a payment from the government for Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, unemployment benefits and other programs in 2010. Wages accounted for the lowest share of income — 51.0% — since the government began keeping track in 1929.”

The entitlement mentality is alive and larger than ever.

I recently received a lengthy e-mail from a This Just in reader, a local woman who lives in the area, expressing her frustrations over government handouts. She has witnessed the abuse first-hand.

I found the e-mail to be so compelling that it was worth posting. I am not going to give her name or that of her husband. I have changed the names of the couple she refers to as Joe and Mary.

Death of the Good Samaritan

My husband and I are not the best people in the world, we would never tell anyone that we are holier than thou. But we have tried to help people when they were down and out, and every time we have done this, we have been totally screwed over and it ended ugly.

The following story is not the first time this has happened to us, but it is the last.

About 5 weeks ago we took in this dude who worked at my husband’s office. His name is Joe and he has worked there on and off for many years, as a salesman.

My husband has always helped Joe with the written part of his sales and tried to coach him to make sales. When Joe is sober, he has the gift of a good salesman, a quick wit and mouth, he is a bull*******. My husband has known Joe for the better part of 7 years.

Joe is 35 years old, he has been with the same woman for a long time and they have 5 kids together. The kids range in age from 15 to 2 years old. Both are functionally illiterate, I imagine their parents are and their children will be too.

These two have been together for many years, but they also have split up for long times too, and they both f***** all sorts of folks while separated. The only thing that has kept them together is welfare money, drugs and their kids; I put the kids last, because they do too. (I do not know if they are actually legally married, I doubt it.)

Both Joe and his wife have many drug issues and they basically grew up themselves on welfare and they live now on welfare.

I want to add at this point, welfare only leads to more poverty, which only leads to more welfare, it’s a never ending is the reason why.

When a child grows up in a welfare family, the child has no appreciation as to where the money for rent, food, clothes comes from, they only know they get it, and they feel like they should get it, that somehow it is owed to them and that’s called an entitlement mentality.

As long as the parent shows no real effort to get off of welfare, because they are comfortable, the child will show no incentive to do better. They begin to feel they too are owed this. Thus they themselves end up on welfare. They think the money comes from magic, from Obama's stash.

Back to Joe.

Mary, that’s Joe’s wife,  gets government rent assistance and electric assistance, which basically means that the government pays her rent and electric bill and she gets over $1500 a month in food stamps, plus a monthly welfare check. Not to mention all the free healthcare.

Joe, Mary, and those 5 kids get free school breakfast and lunch, waived school fees, I could go on, you get it. These people are living a 50K a year lifestyle before they honestly earn one penny.

Also, Mary has got a hustle, every inner city low life has some sort of hustle, her hustle is to go around to area churches and cry "Woe is me" and get whatever free stuff she can get, she usually just wants cash.

I doubt that Mary has ever worked a legit job in her life, and why should she? She has got it made.

They both have this entitlement mentality, it’s not good enough just to get by on government money, everything they buy has to be name brand and top dollar.

Last year Joe, who pays nothing in taxes to start with, got over $5000 in federal tax money due to his child credits. You might not like to hear this, but child credits are just another form of welfare, same as mortgage credits. Both need to be done away with, if they were your taxes would go down, so long as government controls it's spending accordingly.

Did Joe invest that money in his kid’s future?

No, he went and bought a 40 something inch TV and the newest Sony video game and the whole family got new Nike shoes. I haven't bought a name brand pair of shoes in at least 10 years and our TV is an old timey tube 20 inch, we don't have any video games. Joe has a top of the line Android smart phone, My husband and I have the free ones you get with a 2 year contract.

Also, while he was slinging around the free money, he bought Mary a new $600 washing machine. Four months later they moved and just left the washing machine behind, they didn't care. Why would they care, it was free, it had no worth to them.

At least twice a week I walk to the laundromat (carrying the laundry) and do laundry, because we can't afford a washing machine.(My husband and I try to use our bath towels multiple days in order to save on laundry, Joe refused to use his bath towel after one use, he needed a clean fresh towel every day. He also complained about our Wal-Mart store brand toilet paper and our Dollar Tree bath soap, even though he was an invited guest in our house.)

Well, Joe got to smoking the crack real bad and Mary threw him out. He got into a methadone program (which is just more "free" government money for him),but not to get better, just so he could get free dope and something to get him by when he had no crack money.

We let him move in for a while, under the promise he was really going to try to stop using drugs and he needed a clean place to live, away from drugs. My husband left 30 minutes early each day for work to take him by his methadone clinic. My husband already is gone before 7 AM and never gets home before 7 PM, plus he works half days on Saturday.

When Joe first came here, Mary bought him $200 worth of groceries with food stamps. I was ashamed to have that welfare food in my house, but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

He bought nice, big porterhouse steaks, beef roasts, chicken breasts and all sorts of name brand stuff. But it really wasn't even enough food to last a week.

My husband and I live on less than $60 worth of groceries per week; we eat a lot of chicken leg quarters, not much steak.

We cooked BBQ chicken leg quarters on the grill and Joe wouldn't eat them because he doesn't eat dark meat. Can you say "entitlement mentality"???

After getting to know him over some time, I started telling him that he needed to understand that it was other people, who worked hard and pay taxes, who give him and Mary all their “free money He didn't want to hear it and it made him mad that I even said it.

My husband said later that when they were going to work, Joe said to my husband he didn't like what I had said. My husband said that we are poor and eating chicken leg quarters while he is living high and eating steak, that can make an honest person just a little upset.

Joe actually said that he "deserved" those food stamps, though he could not give any reason why he deserved them.

I could go on and give you a million examples of Joe refusing to eat generic brand food or consider wearing clothes without some fancy label on them. He would only eat Skippy peanut butter, that was one the especially pissed me off.

Don't say that Joe is a bad example of someone on welfare. Every time I go to the grocery store I see someone buying food with food stamps and every single time it's all top shelf, name brand stuff, best cuts of meat, etc. I mean if someone was buying your food and you had no personal responsibility for it wouldn’t you get only the best?

Joe is also a chronic shoplifter, he literally stole stuff everyday out of stores, I told him several times he needed to stop this.(See Mary’s hustle is to use her kids to pray on the kindness of churches and rip them off, Joe’s hustle is to steal anything that isn't nailed down and pad locked.)It got to the point we could not take him to the stores with us. You never knew when he stole, only after the fact would we find out.

Last Saturday, I told him 3 times not to shoplift, he promised me he would not, then he went to the grocery store with my husband, the security was watching him and he got arrested for shoplifting some deodorant. He nearly got my husband into his mess, the police actually searched my husband’s truck. Of course we had to go get him out of jail and he just thought it was funny, no guilt or remorse at all.

The very next day he went and stole some hair gel from Walgreens and a cigarette lighter from a convenience store. He even stole like 20 wash cloths from the Dollar Tree. He also stole money from my husband,  it was only like 6 dollars, but it was the fact that he would steal it, and then when confronted, lie about it.

While he knew he was doing wrong, at least in a legal sense but not a moral one, he didn't care because he felt like these things were owed to him. I tried to explain to him that other people had to pay, money wise, for his stealing, he didn't care, but I think he didn't really understand what I was saying anyway.

To end the Joe part, he is a liar and a thief. He never even tried to stop smoking crack. Every Friday he would run off and spend his whole paycheck, minus our $75 a week rent, on crack, sometimes upwards of $400 in one night.

Every Saturday he would be totally broke and all crying he needed money for more dope. So after 5 weeks we threw him out. Well, I threw him out. It was rather ugly when I threw him out, but I had all I was going to take of him. He was all crying and hurting for dope asking me what he was going to do, I told him I felt no sympathy for his crying and to suck it up and be a man.

That started a fight that ended with me throwing his few worldly possessions, mostly clothes, off of our second floor balcony into our courtyard and putting his penniless ass out on the street at 10PM on a Tuesday night. I was very, very, angry. My husband and I both worked very hard to avoid any sort of violence with him, but he had to be removed from our house. We left him unhurt and not without any of his shit, but he had to be out of our house.

He called the crack whore, who runs the crack house he goes to, to come get him. He was living at this crack house before he moved in with us, so it was like he was just going home anyways.

He promptly quit his job with my husband or at least quit going to work, I would say that’s quitting, and moved into the crack house. Good riddance. Two days later he showed up at my husband’s work, all sweating and geeked out of his mind on crack demanding his paycheck, they told him to come back Friday at 4 PM.

I hope he burns in hell or at least rots a long time in prison. (Mary will at some point take him back; she always does, probably when she wants to get high.)

I do want to add this, not once in 5 weeks, not one time did I ever hear Joe say that he missed his kids or wanted to know anything that was going on with them. He never even said he loved them. Those kids were merely a tool, a tool to be used to get free money. Just like the welfare had no worth to Joe and Mary, the kids had no worth to them either.

This is now the third time I have been burned when trying to help somebody who was down and out, two of which were living on government money.

The second one, also a drug addict using the system, soon after we got rid of him went on long term unemployment, got a crack whore pregnant and I am sure by now she is a full time welfare queen and neither will ever benefit society, much less pay their own way.

I'll never help out anybody again, if I see somebody in a pool of blood lying on the sidewalk, I’m stepping around that person and walking on.

I told my husband, the next time a stray dog comes up to our back door begging for food, kick him  and throw rocks at it...because I am tired of being the one.

This is the death of me being a Good Samaritan.

But I am not the only good Samaritan who is ready to give up. There are millions and millions of good Samaritan tax payers out their who see all the money they have worked hard to earn just being flushed down the toilet of government entitlements.

Right now 47% of Americans either pay nothing in taxes or take more out of the tax system than they pay in. This can not go on forever.

Did you know that 42 cents of every dollar the government spends is borrowed money? You are laying that debt on your children and their children. How long do you think you could live if .42 cents of every dollar you spent you put on a credit card?

America is so in debt right now that it is lowering the value of the dollar which creates inflation that only makes the problem worse and Obama can't stop printing more and more money to fund his out of control government which only adds more to the problem.

We are so in debt that all we are paying is the interest on the debt, not even touching the principal. It’s like America is a sub prime mortgage and remember what happened to all those? Most defaulted into foreclosure. And we still continue to borrow like there is no end, but there will be an end and it will probably be ugly.

So with all the talk in Washington about debt and deficits it's all just lip service. In order to balance the federal budget it would have to be cut by, yes 42%, not a few billion here or there, that's chump change. We are talking about somewhere around 800 billion dollars in cuts, and that’s just for one year.

The vast majority of government spending, over 60%, is on entitlements and that’s the only place to make the necessary cuts.

Don't get me wrong, I think we should have a social safety net for folks who say lose their job and need some help for a few months or maybe even a year, but this cradle to grave entitlement class has to be done away with and some of these folks are going to be hurt in the short term, but they need the tough love and a dose of reality. Many of them may appreciate it in the end and their children most certainly will.

All entitlements lead to be more poverty and thus more entitlements, this cycle must be broken. If we do not end this entitlement class with their entitlement mentality there will be no long term.

A lot of the good Samaritans are beginning to feel like we are being punished for working hard and playing by the rules, while the dregs and loafs of society are being rewarded for doing nothing.

There will come a time when all the good Samaritans out there are not going to be good any more.

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