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A "B" movie in real life (or death)

Have any idea who this is?

Try this...

No idea?

We'll get back to her, promise.

But first...

When I was just a lad, still in my single digits, naturally my place on a late Saturday evening was my home.  Not so for my older teenage brother, Greg.

Greg was often working very late at some club, playing his guitar in a rock band.

Oh, that instrument was a thing of beauty, a candy apple red fender stratocaster guitar.

I never got to see my brother live except when he practiced in one of the band member's basement.I was too young to go to places called, "Ben's Den" where sexy girls in mini skirts and go-go girls danced in cages next to the band. Nope. I got to see it, and I did (plenty) on TV instead.

When my parents didn't go see Greg play, the Saturday night would go this way. We'd watch the TV news at 10:00. Dad would go to bed. Mom would switch the TV to Channel 18 and Shock Theater.

It's when I fell in love with the Universal Studios' monster classics.


JoAnne Kloppenberg...



The Wolf Man...

Loved 'em, one and all.

Occasionally, Channel 18 would slip in one of those B-movies like, “Godzilla meets the Three Stooges.”

OK, there was no “Godzilla meets the Three Stooges,” but you get the point.

As a young boy, I could see through that inferior junk, though I grew to like and appreciate what it was later.

One of those “so bad it was good” flicks from beyond the Universal years was “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.”

OK, Kev, next photo.

A classic image of Yvette Vickers from Playboy.

That's half of what we can show you on

The photo is from Playboy.

She appeared in ...

Was she the extremely tall leading lady?


That would have been Allison Hayes.

The other woman in the photos we've shown is Yvette Vickers who played the town hussie in "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman."

Because she flirted with the wrong man, she had to face an early demise.

Well, we all have to go sometime. Town slut Vickers died last month and initial reports were strange to say the least. Vickers dead body was found, mummified. She had been dead for over a year.

Leave it to the Daily Mail to dig up (sorry) the unusual truth.

Oh, for the Univeral Studio Days of the 40's. A true horror classic about the death of Yvette Vickers would have been worth seeing.

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