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Out of State Telemarketers Paid By the Democratic Party Harass 12th District Constituents




For Immediate Release                                                                              
April 28, 2011

For Further Information Contact

Kim Simac

3860 Kula Vista Drive

Eagle River, WI  54521




Out of State Telemarketers Paid By the Democratic Party

Harass 12th District Constituents


Over 23,300 signatures to recall Senator Jim Holperin have been collected and presented to the Governor Accountability Board and now the petition signers are being subjected to harassing phone calls from out of state telemarketers claiming to represent the Democratic Party and insinuating foul play by petition circulators.


Telemarketers are calling and asking the petition signers if they have been coerced, paid or misled into signing the recall petition. "I have received numerous reports of these harassing calls,” stated recall committee leader Kim Simac.  "On file are numerous reports of citizens who have been asked to remove their name from the petition because it was ‘actually a shopping mall permit petition,’ ‘a condo development paper,’ and claims of ‘dead people’s names’ on the petitions.  All of these statements are patently false and are meant to mislead and confuse the signers and impugn our lawful recall campaign." Simac added that "the claims to remove a name from the list have no legal bearing. These callers have no legal right to take any name off the submitted petitions."


Simac reports that the citizens of the 12th District have again been reminded why they are participating in a recall against Senator Holperin.  "These deceitful tactics are an outrage and an insult to the intelligence of the voters." Simac stated.  “Ultimately, this type of behavior will backfire on them at the polls.”


Over 23,300 people signed their name to the petition and hundreds continue to roll in daily since she delivered the final petitions to the GAB last Thursday. "We haven’t had a day without signatures coming in." Simac said. "And to think that the integrity, privacy and respect for the process has been compromised yet again by Jim Holperin and the Democratic Party is disappointing to say the least."


The recall process has certainly been put to the test in the state of Wisconsin. With 16 recalls currently being exercised, citizens have taken the opportunity to stand for proper conduct and representation by elected officials.  "How hypocritical for Jim Holperin and his party to claim foul play, stating that paid circulators collected many of the signatures across the district" said Simac, "because in the districts where Republican Senators are facing recall efforts the Democrats themselves are using paid circulators and out of state union workers to collect a large percentage of the signatures." She went on to explain that "Nationwide petition gathering services did come to the state and became active in many of the recall efforts, a completely legal action in the state of Wisconsin. One would have to question exactly why the Democrats are complaining so loudly."


Simac reports that while her committee did not pay for any signatures, she met three of the professional petition collectors who came to Wisconsin.  She was appalled by their reports of mistreatment by pro-union Holperin supporters, which included foul language and harassment at a local post office which required police intervention.  The collectors stated they had not experienced this type of vitriol in other states.  Simac offered an apology on behalf of her fellow Wisconsin citizens and assured them that this was not the true face of Wisconsin hospitality. 


Simac finds the decision to database all the names of the 12th District petition signers, who had every right to sign the petition and expect a level of privacy in doing so, very troubling. "Once again, said Simac, "I see the tactics of the Democrats as a win for honorable and respectable Wisconsin citizens. Phone calls that question the intelligence of the citizen and invade privacy by obtaining phone numbers that were not included on the petition are backfiring, as steady reports from angry 12th District constituents continue to pour in."


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