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Prosser--What Others are Saying


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Prosser Victory Recount Team:  What Others are Saying—Volume 2


(April 21, 2011—Delafield, WI)—How well received was Joanne Kloppenburg’s request for a costly, time consuming recount which will change nothing?  See what others are saying: 


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial 4/21/11:  JoAnne Kloppenburg certainly had the right to ask for a statewide recount on Wednesday.

But we had hoped that she wouldn't - and the state would be better off if she hadn't.

Earlier, the GAB said a statewide recount in the Supreme Court race might cost as much as $1 million. Given that the state is already scrambling in its current budget to make ends meet and that the next budget won't be any prettier, this is an expense the state can ill afford.


Gene Mueller--WTMJ Talk Show Host 4/21/11:    I'm not going to share my opinion on any of the questions/observations above: that's not what I do here.    What I DO wonder though, is this: didn't Kloppenburg think she'd be asked THIS question when she held a news conference to formally announce that she would, indeed, seek a re-do? 


Human Events 4/21/11:  The Kloppenburg Recount-what’s a million bucks among friends?  On the morning after the Wisconsin Supreme Court election, JoAnne Kloppenburg raced to declare victory.  “You know, we ran a campaign that was focused on being positive and respectful,” Kloppenburg told reporters.  “The numbers showed that we won, and we are gratified to have that victory in hand.”

Suddenly, a previously uncounted pile of votes from Waukesha County rolled in, and Prosser won by over 7,000 votes.  The Kloppenburg tune changed immediately.  Yesterday, even though a recount is utterly futile and will cost Wisconsin taxpayers a million dollars, she insisted on holding one.

Everyone who urged Prosser to concede gracefully when he was two hundred votes in the hole has fallen strangely silent.  Blog posts have been meticulously scrubbed from various websites. 


Hot Air 4/21/11:  The prevailing reaction to JoAnne Kloppenburg’s decision to seek a recount in her loss to David Prosser in Wisconsin’s judicial election this month has been disbelief. 


Jeff Wagner—WTMJ Talk Show Host 4/21/11:   Reality to JoAnne Kloppenburg.  The election is over and you lost!  Do the right thing and get on with the rest of your life.

 Unfortunately for the taxpayers however, defeated Supreme Court candidate JoAnne  Kloppenburg is refusing to go quietly into the good night.  Instead, she is insisting that taxpayers shell out over $1,000,000 for a recount which she hopes will overturn her 7316-vote defeat.  Kloppenburg is blasting ahead despite the fact that no statewide recount anywhere in the last 30 years has resulted in a swing of more than 1300 votes.


WBAY 4/21/11:   "With the official canvass showing her down by over 7,300 votes, the only way she can achieve her nakedly political goal is to do one thing: Challenge and disenfranchise thousands of Wisconsin citizens who exercised their right to vote April 5th and believed this election over," campaign spokesman Brian Nemoir said.


Politico 4/21/11:  JoAnne Kloppenburg arrived at the state Government Accountability Board’s office in Madison barely an hour before the 5 p.m. local time deadline by which she had to ask for a recount or concede defeat. According to the vote count finalized by the state last week, she trails Justice David Prosser by 7,316 votes out of nearly 1.5 million cast in the April 5 election.




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