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Paul Ryan's Budget Proposal Is a Tax Shelter For The Wealthy

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I know the hard-core right tries to ignore facts that they were the plague, but the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found that Paul Ryan's voucher program that will replace Medicare will leave seniors with an out-of-pocket medical expense of 68%. Under the current Medicare program seniors in the median income bracket pay about 25% out-of-pocket expenses. This finacial fiasco will result in an out-of-pocket expense of more than $20,000 for seniors by 2030. And let us not forget, "Ryan-Care" will calls to abolish "Obama-Care" which will then allow insurance companies to simply deny coverage to high-risk applicants, like say, the elderly.

Representative Ryan's budget plan also calls for a drop in the highest tax bracket for uber-millionaires and corporations from 35% to 25%, and eliminates or drastically reduces an unspecified number of credits and deductions for middle class wage-earners.

Critics of my point-of-view will say, "What is your solution then?"

My solution is simple: Raise the top income tax bracket from 35 or 38% up to 49%. Uber-millionaires like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates agree it should be done, and they stand the most to lose.

Also, the amount of income that can be taxed for social security is currently capped at $107,000 per year. ANY income above that amount does not draw a SS tax. I say we should increase the cap to $250,000. Why? Because as Fox News states, "$250,000 a year is middle class today." And after all, Social Security is a shelter for the working middle class.

Maybe Paul Ryan should be sending out free CD's of his favorite P90X workout to every single American citizen so that we stay as healthy as can be before we are denied health care under his plan.

Paul Ryan's health care motto: "Die poor and miserable, but leave a ripped, muscular corpse."

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