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Paul Ryan Declares War On The Old And The Poor

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More than 100 million people in America are recipients of Medicare and Medicaid. Of Medicaid recipients, 49% are either elderly or children, but both are too poor to pay for health care on their own and can do nothing to fix their situation (because they are too young or too old to join the work force).

And before Medicare was introduced in 1968, more than 80% of ALL senior citizens lived in poverty, largely because of the cost of health care at the end of one's life. Today, with the help of Medicare, only 10% of seniors live in poverty.

Now Mr. Ryan wants to abolish both programs and hand out coupons to seniors to use in the free market, for profit, health insurance scheme. He also calls to an end to "Obama Care" which means that yes you guessed it, seniors will be taking those coupons to health insurance companies only to be denied because they have pre-existing conditions. What senior does not have a pre-existing condition? And with the end of Obama-Care, insurance companies will no longer be reuired to insure people.

So here is what will happen under "Ryan-Care": Seniors across the country will receive coupons or vouchers in the mail to buy insurance from private, for profit companies. They will get their say, $10,000 insurance voucher, shop around for 6 months, be denied and denied again until they find one company in their area willing to take a risk on them, sign a policy and then have to owe thousands more in premiums that are not covered by the voucher amount. They will default on their premium, lose coverage, get sick, end up paying all remaining health care costs out-of-pocket and then lose their life-savings and home. Once those things are gone and they can no longer pay out-of-pocket, then they will just curl up in a corner in their child's basement that they have been forced to live in - and just die a silent, undignified death!

Paul Ryan's Simple Two-Step Health Care Plan:

1) Don't get sick

2) If you do get sick, die quickly

(but hey, if you buy four prostate exams, the fifth is free with his great "coupon" method)

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