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Election Day

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I know that only a few people read my blog on a regular basis, and that they do so just to see what the local liberal is up to, but nonetheless I apologize for not posting recently. I have been using every minute of free time to help the recall effort against my state senator, Mary Lazich.

Despite what Charile Sykes or Mark Behling might be screaming through his mic, it is a total grass-roots effort and there is no $ or out-of-state support behind the recall effort (at least in the case of Lazich). I know, because I am one of the leaders of this effort, and today we will be making our presence felt at every one of the 33 polling stations in the 28th senate district as we are staffing each location with non-paid volunteers (from the area) who will be collecting signatures. The Government Accountability Board has ruled that we are allowed to be as close as 10 feet from the polling entrance doors, since we will not be "electioneering", but simply asking voters if they wish to recall a sitting senator. (WTMJ 4 presented a story with misleading facts last night stating we must stay at least 100 ft away - wrong!)

In wake of the Citizens United supreme court decision which ruled that corporations and unions can contribute unlimited amounts of $ to campaigns, it is important now more than ever that unions, both public and private are allowed to retain a healthy existance if only to give a voice to working class people to combat the absurdly wealthy and loud voice of corporate America.

If unions are disolved, and along with them the voices of the middle class, the only voices that congress will hear will be those of big corporations, whose interests do not cooincide with the interests of the middle class. Corporations are responsible to their board of directors, stock holderns and CEO's, not the well-being of their employees. The interests of the unions ARE the interests of the employees in which they represent.

We do not live in the United Corporate States of America, but unless we can keep the unions from dissolving into nothingness, and the voices of ordinary people along with them, that path has been laid out in front of us. Today's effort to recall sitting Republicans who back a plan to dissolve state unions in Wisconsin is an effort to ensure that working class people retain their voice in the politcal debate.


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