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Here is the #1 reason to vote against Franklin alderman Steve Taylor

The issue that is the most important to Franklin residents on an emotional and personal level, even more so than our ungodly taxes, I would submit is child safety.

I mention this because Franklin alderman Steve Taylor has tried to usurp this hot button item and take credit for political gain.

This needs further analysis.

Frightened by his opponent, Pete Kosovich, Steve Taylor has been cranking out one glossy campaign lit piece after another. One focuses on public safety and says (BTW, grammatical, spelling errors are Taylor’s, not mine):

“I supported allocating funds to defend of our sexual predator ordinance against rogue legislators in Madison.  Defending this ordinance was critical in keeping sexual predators from living in areas where our children are present”  

If we do a Politi-fact on his boast, we would have to say that technically, Taylor is true. But one has to measure what he’s actually saying and put his claim into historical perspective.

Let’s be very clear about Steve Taylor’s actual involvement in what could be the most important issue facing city of Franklin government in recent years.

He claims he supported allocating funds to defend Franklin’s sexual predator ordinances when Democrats in Madison wanted to kill them.  The fact is Steve Taylor’s participation was totally limited to a hastily scheduled vote by the entire Franklin Common Council when Mayor Taylor asked for funds to pay for a flyer to send to all Franklin residents. Those in attendance at that special weekend meeting tell me Alderman Taylor had some, as usual, negative comments before he voted yes. His involvement, took, if not seconds, a few minutes.

Let’s examine further and follow along closely  and read all the info in the links to not only grasp the local history but to see if you pick up on any discernible contribution by Steve Taylor.

Across Wisconsin, over 100 communities have ordinances in place that restrict where released sex offenders can live or congregate, modeled after Franklin’s ordinances that have been ruled constitutional.

In 2010, those ordinances were in danger of being killed by the Democrat-controlled state Legislature. Two identical bills were proposed to pre-empt local ordinances like the two in effect in Franklin. These ordinances have been adopted because communities wanted them and believe them to be effective in protecting their children.

On March 11, 2010, the state Assembly’s Committee on Corrections and the Courts got an earful and an eyeful at a public hearing. If committee members had any sense whatsoever, they had to realize they opened a Pandora’s Box. Our area was well-represented. Some testified. Others were there to join in the opposition to the bills that would repeal our laws that protect our kids. Their appearance was significant. Check to see if Steve Taylor's name is mentioned:

State Senator Mary Lazich

State Representative Jeff Stone

Franklin Mayor Tom Taylor

Franklin Alderman Steve Olson

Franklin Alderman Ken Skowronski

Franklin Alderman Kristen Wilhelm

Franklin Police Chief Rick Oliva

Former Franklin Alderman Basil Ryan

Franklin Inspector Gaylord Hahn

Franklin Police Captain Clark Groen

Greenfield Mayor Michael Neitzke

Greenfield  Police Chief Francis Springob

Greenfield Alderwoman Linda Lubotsky

Cudahy Alderman Joe Mikolajczak

Wauwatosa Mayor Jill Didier

Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan and his Common Council President

Police officers from South Milwaukee and Denmark

A similar strong showing was made when a state Senate committee held a public hearing.

Any reference to STEVE TAYLOR?

So, let’s summarize.

Steve Taylor never showed up at any of the legislative hearings.

He did not submit written testimony.

He did not issue any public statements.

He did not comment on any of the numerous blogs on this subject.

Steve Taylor has done some outrageous things as alderman: masqueraded as a fiscal conservative only to vote for big tax and spending increases, voted for unnecessary tornado warning sirens, proposed that Franklin have a full-time mayor so that he could run for the position someday, propose a ridiculous ordinance that dogs and other animals be on leashes at all times (great priorities, Steve) and has lashed out publicly at taxpayers at a public meeting that if they don’t like Franklin’s high taxes, they should “get the hell out” of Franklin.

But this tops them all.

Alderman Taylor tries to hijack the hard work and dedication of thousands of Franklin residents and take credit for it in his zeal to get re-elected.

Steve Taylor ought to be ashamed of himself for his lit piece that tries to mislead residents into his role on the sex predator issue which basically amounts to nothing.

Shame on Steve Taylor.

If ever there was a reason to vote against him, this is #1.

I strongly urge voters to choose Pete Kosovich for their representative in the 4th district.

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