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OK everybody, sing with me: There must be 366 ways to save the planet...

Oh my God, this blog is a beaut!

Whenever I want a good laugh at the expense of the foolish left, I can always turn to 

I’ve stumbled on another that might be even better.

It’s Green as a Thistle, written by Vanessa Farquharson.

She's the author of....

Here's Vanessa...


Vanessa looks so nice.


Vanessa looks so sweet.


Vanessa is completely nuts.

In her hyper-wacko-enviro-nutjobiness, Vanessa has come up with 366 lifestyle (green) changes to save the planet or, one for each day of the year, plus one.

She claims on her blog to have taken on each and every one of these changes.

Here are just a few that solidify my assertion that Vanessa is animal crackers:

Turning my oven off for good

Unplugging my whole fridge

No more take-out, unless I bring my own containers

Not having any more baths

Eating food straight from the pot or pan

No more gift cards unless they're homemade from scrap paper

Putting a bottle of water in the toilet tank to reduce the amount used per flush

Natural bug extermination, ie. drowning fruit flies in wine or syrup

Cutting the end off the toothpaste tube when it's almost done to scrape the last little bit out

Getting cooking smells off my fingers with used green tea leaves rather than soap

Bringing my own reusable bib to the dentist's

Not buying anymore plastic whatsoever

Yep. She's certifiable.

Vanessa's complete list, oh yes, there are plenty more, is right here.

"Hi Vanessa,

’ve just read your book, bought four more copies and gave them out as gifts. I absolutely loved it. Just wanted to let you know that although green changes are difficult whilst living in the country side and not having many options to 'go green' I suddenly feel guilty unwrapping a straw and tossing the paper wrapper, purchasing anything with plastic packaging, or… wiping with toilet paper."

Cue Rod Serling and his theme music.


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