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Pete Kosovich for Franklin alderman, 4th district: Why you need a great alderman

I have been visiting hundreds of doors over the past weeks and I know many people are thinking...


Why do we need an alderman?    

The people need a voice in government. Many people don't have time to become involved. They are busy running the kids around to school, social or sports events. They may be caring for their elderly parents. Maybe they're involved in Church activities or other community service. Some just don't have the time to attend meetings. We need aldermen to handle the details. When there is an issue you are impassioned about, who will represent you? If your taxes are too high, who will find ways to cut expenses & run the city more efficiently?  If you want to establish a new business or build a new subdivision, who will speak up for you? If your streets aren't plowed, or are in dis-repair, who do you call? Your alderman!

What are an alderman's responsibilities?

Your alderman is responsible for many things, City budgets, economic development, city amenities like parks & trails & more. They take care of community safety through the proper staffing and maintenance of the Police & Fire Departments. They oversee city maintenance and plowing of the streets. They should be there if you have a question or a problem you don't know how to handle. An alderman isn't only responsible to the citizens of their district but to the citizens of the entire city. Your alderman carries 1/6 of the vote on any issue before the Council. We need a Council that works together as a team. I don't see that in the current council. I see infighting and childish behavior. We need change!

Your alderman should be responsive and respectful to you, no matter how they may personally feel on an issue. He shouldn't tell you if you don't like the taxes in Franklin, you should get the hell out!  He should represent the majority of the people in his district. There are times he may have to make a decision on his gut feelings. You need to be able to trust your alderman to do the right thing. You need someone who will follow up on your issues and inform you on progress made. I have been hearing things which make me question if my alderman is performing his duties according to expectations or promises made.

I believe it's time for a change on the Council. It's time to vote for a person who has deep roots, and has been part of the community for 30 years. I AM THAT MAN!  I am a Conservative Christian. I believe in free market economics, less government & lower taxes. Though away from the Council for 3 years, I remained active on the Planning Commission & Civic Celebration Committees. I have also become involved in the Conservative (Tea Party) movement and have grown in my beliefs & convictions. I have the experience of running a business for 31 years and know how to control spending during tough times. I will promote & create a renewed interest in Franklin. We will be OPEN FOR BUSINESS! The elections are 2 weeks away. 

Vote for Pete KOSOVICH, Tuesday, April 5th, for a better Franklin. Let me prove myself to you!




Pete KOSOVICH, Candidate for 4th District Alderman

Authorized & paid for by the Friends of Pete Kosovich, Sherry Kosovich Treasurer

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