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FranklinNOW reports on tax and spending reality that haunts Franklin, or...Tim Solomon has to go

In today’s economy, the unfortunate reality is that supposed local news outlets have had to cut back dramatically on their local news coverage. In the Milwaukee area, the big losers have been the suburbs. The Journal Sentinel won’t cover suburban news to any great extent. And sorry, folks, the NOW blogs, including the one here in Franklin since its inception, simply can’t be trusted (although they try their damndest and every once in awhile come up with good stuff) for authenticity or objectivity.

Me personally? I look at the facts, then offer my bias. But at least I’m honest about it. The writers at the Journal Sentinel are so left-field and hold their breath and stomp their feet and turn blue and shout, “I am not liberally biased.”

Yeh, right.

Again, every once in awhile, the short-handed NOW staff comes up with a gem. They do so with absolutely no comprehension what a good job they’ve done.

Here’s the latest example.

Rick Romano, correspondent for, I could just kiss you (but I won’t, no offense).

Romano has written a fascinatingly illuminating and revealing article, and he, I will bet you my next mortgage payment has no clue whatsoever the incredible public service he provided.

He has shined a laser beam on what’s wrong with city of Franklin politics and that is that there is next to zero fiscal responsibility. It starts with Mayor Tom Taylor, and it hurts me to say that because he’s a friend that I’ve worked closely with. But it’s becoming all too clear that Mayor Taylor’s idea of fiscal responsibility during a recession is a tax levy increase twice, almost three times the rate of inflation.

His wink and nod and go along zombies on the Common Council are just as bad. They’ve never met a tax increase they don’t gleefully fall in love with.

That leads us to Romano’s article about a recent Franklin Common Council meeting.

And oh.


Oh is it revealing.

Rick, great job, buddy.

Romano reported on city of Franklin ideas
to apply $1.1 million in Tax Increment Financing District No. 2 proceeds to relieve the burden of city taxpayers. The TIF monies will be reflected on the 2011 property tax bill at the end of this year, several years sooner than anticipated.

It’s called “property tax relief” fellow property taxpayers.

But along come the naysayers. They would be the tax and spenders and let me say they are the vast minority in the city of Franklin, but unfortunately, they possess the majority of seats on the Franklin Common council.

First, Casper Green, liberal through and through, the Pied Piper of some, not all senior citizens in Franklin.

God almighty, I wish my dearly departed mother, sharp as a tack, close to 90 years old, was alive today. She would respectfully tell Casper Green that she has a mind of her own and doesn’t need him to do her thinking for her.

Romano reported, and bless you, Rick, bless you:

“Casper Green said that giving the money to taxpayers only to possibly put the city in a deficit situation and then raise taxes would be ‘short-sighted.’ He said he wanted the city to consider saving the proceeds for a ‘rainy day’.”

BRAVO, Casper,  BRAVO. Let’s just take alllllllllllllll that tax money and put it into a special pot and call it a rainy day fund.

What does that mean?

I’ll tell you what it means!

It means the city has taken all this extra tax money from you the taxpayers and has set it aside instead of returning it to the rightful place, to you the taxpayers where it belongs!

Yes, let’s just have this surplus, translated, a fund supplied by over-taxation.

Brilliant, Casper! Absolutely, brilliant. Please try to sell that with your Kool-Aid at your next bingo game or noon luncheon.

Then there’s Franklin alderman Tim Solomon. Tim (I haven’t met a tax or spending increase I can't stand) Solomon.

Tim Solomon on tax and spending decreases:


How can I put this nicely.

Tim Solomon….alderman.

Tim Solomon…grandfather.

He can really excel at one, but not the other.


Call it quits, Tim.

Go be a grandfather.

You as a responsible alderman….

NOT GONNA HAPPEN! reports that alderman Tim Solomon said:

"If the state budget goes through, we won't have the ability to tax (adequately)”


"We want to give relief to taxpayers," he said, "but we also need to be able to pay for needs that come up."

In other words, we must be able to raise taxes each and every time we feel the need to. The governor can’t take that away from us.

Please, Tim Solomon. Do the hard-working taxpayers of Franklin a favor.



It’s no wonder Franklin is a tax hell when you have a clueless octogenarian like the always sartorailly splendid Tim Solomon on the Common Council (Did he just get out of bed? Does he own a comb?).

Thank you, Rick Romano. Your work was far better than you realize.

Those with power, a voice, and influence, do not speak for the MAJORITY that oppose high taxing and spending.

Here he is, Franklin.

Your representation.

Your intellect.

Your reason your taxes are so high.

May I present to you, TIM SOLOMON!

PS: My alderman, Suzie Goodie Two Shoes Kristen Wilhelm sits there and says nothing on behalf of the taxpayers.

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