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If There Are Any Conservatives Out There With a Conscience, Please Answer This One Question:

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Why is it too much to ask those American's making more than $250,000 per year to pay just 1% more in income tax, but it is perfectly acceptable to:

- Slash $834 million in public education (cuts school nursing jobs, free & reduced lunch, AP funding)

- Cut $90 milion from BadgerCare (effects 55,000 WI residents)

- Steal $500 million from Medicaid (effects 20% of all WI residents and 33% of all WI children)

- Force 91,000 low-income seniors to enroll in Medicare Part D (an increased cost of more than $500 per year)

- Cut $41 million from the earned income tax credit (effects only the lowest income wage earners)

- Cut $8 million from the Homestead tax credit (effects 247,000 homeowners in WI)

While he is willing to offer these breaks for the wealthy:

- Use taxpayer dollars to give vouchers of up to $6,000 for any family that wishes to send thier children to private schools, even if they do not need financial assistance.

- Generously give more than $140 million in tax breaks to the wealthies WI companies.

- Eliminate capital gains taxes (the oldes trick in the Republican playbook, which is mostly scratch and sniff and has lots of pictures)

Governor Walker said that we all need to share in the pain, but clearly only those who have the least will feel the most pain. This is NOT the America I was raised in. This is NOT the kind of charity and empathy I read about in my private grade school. This is man's inhumnaity to man!

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