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A Personal Account of the Rally in Madison

If you only get your news from local radio talk show hosts like far right-wingers Mark Behling and Charlie Sykes you would think that Madison, WI is a gigantic cesspool of human fecal matter and other bodily fluids excreted during acts of reproduction and alcohol-induced vomiting. But theirs is purely a fictional account, created to misinform the general public.

Having actually been to Madison over the weekend, I can assure you that while the streets may have been crowed with more than 70,000 protestors, the roads and sidewalks were clean and the participants peaceful and respectful of each other. Every time I was bumped or nudged someone said, “Excuse me.” Sheriffs held doors open for protestors as they entered the capitol building. On-duty police officers high-fived off-duty officers who were there to join the protest. Protest signs with sticks were piled neatly against the outside doors of the capitol building, since sticks are not allowed inside.

Delivery guys holding dozens of pizza boxes to hand out free to protestors from an anonymous donor stood on every corner. Empty pizza boxes were not thrown on the ground, but rather immediately disposed of or used to write protest signs on. Small tables with huddled volunteers were set up to hand out hot coffee and hot chocolate – for free. If you felt the need for a Subway or Cousins sandwich they too were free (from another anonymous donor). The air may have been chilly outside, but the feeling I got walking around was warm and inviting.

Inside the building there was no signs of graffiti, unless of course you call thousands of “Thank you” notes posted the doors of the 14 “missing” democrats graffiti. The stairs of the rotunda were also lined with letters to state representatives and senators voicing their opposition to the budget bill.

I must have visited the men’s restroom at last four or five times and not once did I see even a speck of toilet paper on the floor or an un-flushed toilet. The paper towel dispenser was never empty and the garbage was never full. Though it was absolutely crammed with protestors, the capitol building still retained its same sense of regalness and posterity. And as for the “stink” in the rotunda that the right-wingers are crying about – well, that is true, but it was coming directly from the office of the Governor as he stirred yet another fresh pot of steaming B.S. to spew out between his lying teeth.

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