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Kevin Fischer is a veteran broadcaster, the recipient of over 150 major journalism awards from the Milwaukee Press Club, the Wisconsin Associated Press, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, the Wisconsin Bar Association, and others. He has been seen and heard on Milwaukee TV and radio stations for over three decades. A longtime aide to state Senate Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature, Kevin can be seen offering his views on the news on the public affairs program, "InterCHANGE," on Milwaukee Public Television Channel 10, and heard filling in on Newstalk 1130 WISN. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their lovely young daughter, Kyla Audrey, in Franklin.

An Open Letter to Governor Walker and Republican Legislators

The Wisconsin Patriot Coalition

For Immediate Release:
February 14th, 2011
Contact: Dan Horvatin, 920.650.1260
Kirsten Lombard, 608.237.7034
Norm Reynolds, 414.529.2428

An Open Letter to Governor Scott Walker

and Republican State Legislators

To the Honorable Governor Walker and Esteemed Republican Legislators:

The Wisconsin Patriot Coalition (WPC), a network of conservative grassroots groups from across the state, writes to you today in support of Governor Walker’s Budget Adjustment Bill Draft, LRB-1383, released on Friday, February 11th.

Almost instantaneously upon release of the draft, Wisconsin’s public-employee unions reacted, making a great deal of noise about the recommended restructuring of employee benefits and contributions. In some cases, they have gone so far as to engage in falsehood, claiming that the changes would retroactively rob public employees of pensions already earned—outlandish since such action would be a direct violation of the state’s legal responsibilities. The public-employee unions are clearly and predictably displeased about the fact that collective bargaining would now take place only in relationship to wages and salary.

The WPC is similarly observing the current efforts of public-employee union leaders to organize an onslaught of protests against the proposed changes. We recognize these protests as a concerted attempt to bully Republican leadership and legislators into continuing to adopt an unrealistic point of view. Union thuggery and intimidation have no place in government. Our members, some of whom belong to public employee unions themselves, believe strongly that the proposed changes are not only fair and reasonable but also long overdue.

During these challenging economic times, individuals, businesses, and government must make difficult decisions.

The Wisconsin Patriot Coalition expresses its support for Governor Walker’s Budget Adjustment Bill as a first step in moving our state back onto the path of financial prosperity.

Voters spoke loud and clear at the ballot box last November. As conservatives learned two years ago, elections do have consequences. This adage will hold true for future elections. In this moment, however, conservatives have been called upon to protect the people of our great state and its form of government. This is not the time to waver or be weak-kneed. There are those at the State Capitol who have become expert at pandering and caving in to special interests in order to save their seats. Do not follow their example. It is time to take the road less traveled. We supported your efforts in November. We encouraged others to do the same. We will continue to support you through this time of challenging decision-making. As voters we, and many others across this state, entrusted you with a high level of fiduciary responsibility. We sent you to Madison to rectify gross fiscal mismanagement. Supporting Governor Walker’s Budget Adjustment Bill, without modification or delay, is the right and best course of legislative action.

We now support you in your duty.

Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which

difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into thin air.

--John Quincy Adams


Wisconsin Patriot Coalition Member Groups

The WPC is comprised of local conservative grassroots groups based in communities across Wisconsin. It exists specifically to develop and advance: legislation that adheres to unalienable rights and individual freedoms as recognized by the founders of this nation; the framework for limited government set forth within the United States Constitution; free-market solutions; and educational initiatives that inform the public on such legislation, principles, and solutions.

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