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Kevin Fischer is a veteran broadcaster, the recipient of over 150 major journalism awards from the Milwaukee Press Club, the Wisconsin Associated Press, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, the Wisconsin Bar Association, and others. He has been seen and heard on Milwaukee TV and radio stations for over three decades. A longtime aide to state Senate Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature, Kevin can be seen offering his views on the news on the public affairs program, "InterCHANGE," on Milwaukee Public Television Channel 10, and heard filling in on Newstalk 1130 WISN. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their lovely young daughter, Kyla Audrey, in Franklin.

The Barking Lot (02/05/11)

The Barking Lot

The Barking Lot is a regular weekly feature of this just inWritten by my lovely wife, Jennifer and me.  It opens with the weekend dog walking forecast followed by the main blog from dog lover, Jennifer. Then its DOGS IN THE NEWS and our close. Enjoy!

THE WEEKEND DOG-WALKING FORECAST: We grade the weather outlook for taking your pet outdoors. 

TODAY:  Cloudy. A little warmer. High of 27.  "F"

SUNDAY:  A few snow showers. High of 31. "F"

Or is walking in this weather all that bad?

Here’s my lovely wife, Jennifer with this week’s main blog:

This football season, I have taught Kyla to throw her arms up in the air when Daddy yells “Touchdown!”  It is adorable, and she thinks she is pretty cool when she does it.  Right now, she and I have about the same working knowledge of a football game…  We can both toss our arms up when someone tells us our team did something good.  I hold out hope for our little girl that Daddy can, someday, teach her the basics.  Then she won’t have to say “Who’s winning… the green & gold team or the black & gold team?” like her Mommy.


On Sunday, we will attend a Super Bowl party at the home of a dear friend.  Of course I want our boys in Green and Gold to take home the trophy.  (That is what it’s called, a trophy, right?)  The extent of my involvement in the festivities will be filling my snack plate with more guacamole for Kyla, grabbing another chicken wing for myself, and ensuring that Kyla’s and my sippy cups are filled with milk and wine, respectively.  She and I will both be wearing officially licensed Packer clothing… only because we both received the items as gifts.


Kevin learned long ago when we started dating that he was NOT in the presence of a fellow sports enthusiast.  As time has gone on, I have developed a healthy enjoyment of Notre Dame football because of Kevin’s love for the team.  A few years ago, I even bought tickets for us to see a game in South Bend.  It remains in my “favorite memories” category for sure.  I’m pretty proud of myself when I actually recognize a name from the team, and I was genuinely disappointed when Charlie Weis left as their coach.  That is the extent of my penchant for the pigskin.


Both big-screen TV’s at the party will be showing the game.  Sure, I’ll do my best to catch a glimpse of the half time commercials.  I will know how the game is going by the atmosphere and attitude of a house full of Packer fans.  So I just might sneak off with Kyla to find a small TV in a bedroom and tune in to a different Bowl game.  One that I am always extremely enthusiastic and excited about.  One that I can understand.  One that can boast every player is a winner.  One that doesn’t have plays like “Statue of Liberty” and “Hail Mary.”  While “flea flicker” and “pooch punt” are real plays for an NFL game, they could just as easily apply to the game I want to watch:  The 2011 PUPPY BOWL.  

Needless to say, Kevin doesn’t understand my obsession with the Puppy Bowl in the same way that I can’t comprehend why any man in his right mind would willingly do this:

Week 15: Packers vs. Patriots

Or, even worse, why any woman would do this:

So yeah, yeah, yeah…  Go, Pack, Go.  Just make sure the snack table has plenty of this treat for me!
---Jennifer Fischer

Thanks, Jennifer.

Yes, I truly love the sound of puppies yipping and yapping for two hours when my mind is trying to focus on the second biggest sporting event of the year (Sorry, but in my book, the NCAA Final Four is #1).

Seriously, the Puppy Bowl lost a great deal of allure when Hall of Fame broadcaster Harry Kalas, the original voice of this telecast, passed away.

It’s time now for DOGS IN THE NEWS, canines that made headlines the past week.

Execution of 100 sled dogs under investigation.

If not for postal workers, this puppy would have been DOA. There's more. Check out the last paragraph.

Bomb dog finds new home.

Dogs can sniff out early colorectal cancer.

ow are Michael Vick's dogs doing?

What makes a dog a bully?

Has Goldie, a professional acting dog, gone too far?

Your dog wasn't on a leash...that'll be $3,217.50, please.

Hercules to the rescue.

Family dog leads police to missing autistic boy. adopts dog for sick daughter.

Was a different animal man's first best friend?

More pets named for Packers than Steelers. What dog breeds are the Super Bowl players most like?

Which celebrity has the most popular name for dogs?

What's on that dog's nose?

Quiz: Do you know how to care for dogs in the frigid weather?

Phew! That's it for this week.

Thanks for stopping by.

We close as we always do, with our closing video.

This week a dog sled showed up outside WTMJ.

Take a look!

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