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Union thugs go after little girls and old men

Quiz time, This Just In readers.

Not to worry. This is pretty simple stuff.

I will show you some pictures. All you have to do is think of what you see.




Four pictures.

What did you see?

A Girl Scout?

Girl Scout cookies?

A Salvation Army bell ringer?

A blood drive mobile?

You would be correct.

UNLESS you are a union goon.

Show a union activist those same four pictures and you know what the union activist sees? A threat.

That’s right. Most sane individuals see a young girl pitching cookies or an elderly gentleman donating his time to ring a bell aside a kettle. Not the unions. They see people threatening their territory.

Barack Obama's National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)  is considering Roundy’s vs. Milwaukee Building and Construction Trades (Case No. 30-CA-17185).A news release by the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace says, and you won't believe it:

"At issue is whether the government can force any employer that allows charitable, well-meaning groups onto the premises to also allow union organizers whose purpose in many cases is to turn away customers through boycotts and similar actions. Such activity is often part of a larger strategy to pressure employers to accede to demands such as the nationally unpopular 'card check' scheme that bypasses federally supervised private ballot votes.

Union bosses claim that if the business has invited other outside groups such as Girl Scouts, Salvation Army Santas, bloodmobiles, and other charitable organizations that do not intend to harm the employer’s operations, the employer must provide union agents the same access, even if the union’s intent is to harm the business."

How low can unions go? Mighty low, apparently. Want a local angle, Franklin readers? How about when Franklin football players stand outside the Pick 'n' Save At 76th and Rawson early in the season selling coupon books. That, too, apparently has union thugs crying foul.

Here’s hoping the NLRB tells the selfish, greedy, no shame unions who would go after pony-tailed Girl Scouts and senior citizens volunteering next to a kettle in the cold to stick it.

I have asked my former colleague at WTMJ, Vivian King of Roundy's for comment and clarification. She has yet to respond.

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