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UPDATE: Culinary no-no #184

Culinary no-no's

Culinary no-no #184
last September dealt with a decision by Olde Salty’s Restaurant in North Carolina to essentially ban screaming kids from the premises. I support the restaurant

Months later, a columnist from across the seas weighs in.
Simon Majumdar also likes the idea of a no screaming kids zone. He writes in the Guardian:

“With the welcome decline in restaurant formality in recent years has come the unwelcome decision of many parents to view restaurants as little more than adventure playgrounds for their children.

Some people, particularly parents of young children, might think the actions of the owners of Olde Salty's are going a bit too far. I disagree, I wonder if they go far enough.

I would ask them why a child should be treated any differently than an adult in an adult environment. If I kicked off in my local bistro, other diners would, quite rightly, want me to be removed until I settled down. I don't think it is too harsh to ask the parents of wailing or misbehaving children to do the same. Take them outside and walk them around the block until they are calm, but don't just sit there smiling beatifically, as if they are as cute as a kitten in a tutu, while the rest of us stare down at our food in misery.

I know, of course, from seeing the mortified looks on some people's faces as their kids begin to bellow that not all parents are oblivious to the impact. But, in my experience, they seem to be fewer and farther between than once they were.”


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