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Oh, dear God, could I please during 2011 be as caring and considerate as those warm, fuzzy liberals

The following has been posted by some other conservatives, but I couldn’t resist.

On December 16, 2010, this was posted on the Wisconsin State Journal web site by the typical, cowardly, anonymous lefty in response to the state Senate, with negative votes by Democrat Senators Russ Decker and Jeff Plale, rejecting contracts for state employees. The coward used the moniker, JailJensen in addressing those who supported voting down the contracts:

Would you and others of your mindset, please put a Walker bumper-sticker on your vehicle, so I know to keep on walking, if I see you (or a loved dying) in a crash or getting mugged and/or beaten or the very least falling on the ice and hurting yourself, while going to your car on the street, because I would be laughing to hard at that happy day in Wisconsin. It is time to let the retarded right-wing rectum radical trash (who aren't already rich) sink to the bottom, where they so strongly want to race. So, if something happens to you and your loved-ones and people walk on by, not providing you any aid, just remember that is the way you wanted it.

By the way all Decker deserves is to be spit upon, which I won't be doing, but if he is accosted by others, when I'm around I will just laugh, the same way I would laugh at you, if one of your loved ones dies a slow agonizing death.

May you have a tragic Christmas and may one of your crashes cause you to become quadraplegic, whether it is your fault or not, it will be what you deserve.”


How sweet, kind, and thoughtful.

Meanwhile, like a spoiled brat child crying over spilled milk, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial pages continue to print letters to the editor blasting Governor-elect Scott Walker for killing the half-fast train to Madison. Rarely is a letter published in Walker’s defense. One did come Christmas Day and it’s brilliant:


A strange deal

The fallout of the train money being given to other states is weird.

Whatever anger there is, it is all aimed at Governor-elect Scott Walker, but he didn't give the money to those other states. He just thought the train should not be built because it met no needs and would have bled money from Wisconsin taxpayers.

What's outrageous is that the feds just give the money away if we don't do what they want. Instead of not spending it, they just give it to other states?

"Please, President Obama sir, may we use it for more efficient public buses?"

"No. That's unworthy."

How about Herb "Nobody's Senator but ours" Kohl objecting?

That's our tax money they gave to Illinois!

Gary Kraeger
Wind Lake


There's more.

Another submitted letter that somehow got through the liberal screeners at From a fellow blogger:


What goes around

Laurie Stott kept the anti-Scott Walker drumbeat going with her recent letter "He's not even governor yet" (Your opinions, Dec. 13). Stott decries the loss of car-speed rail and states that Walker "has been treated as if he is the governor, not what he truly is, which is only the governor-elect."

Stott also points out "the local media has really played it up as if he is the governor already. Not to also say that Gov. Jim Doyle has all but disappeared."

Those statements sure are reminiscent of just a few years ago - when Barack Obama was elected president. Remember how Obama went so far as to create his own "Office of the President-Elect"? The fawning liberal media at the time also seemed to forget that George W. Bush, not Obama, was still president in November 2008.

Funny how what goes around comes around.

Obama also arrogantly declared "I won" to his opposition. Walker could say the same. Maybe he should in order to remind the Walker-bashers out there that they lost..

Amy L. Geiger-Hemmer



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