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Kyla's Korner - Musings of a Mother (12/23/10)

Kyla's Korner

By Jennifer Fischer
Mother of beautiful angel, Kyla



The magic of Baby Jesus’ birth and the excitement of a visit from Santa Claus were the topics of Kyla’s Korner Christmas Is For Children Part 1.  As I said in that first installment, separate incidents have inspired this two-part Kyla’s Korner:  reading a recent Miss Manners column, and watching the PBS Kids programs on Sprout.  These things made me ask, respectively, why must Santa and the holy time of Christmas be mutually exclusive?  And do we have to bend over backwards to be politically correct on children’s television?  Sadly I know the answers to both of these but I still have points to make.


Sprout is a wonderful cable channel that is part of PBS Kids.  I enjoy watching the programs with Kyla.  These sweet, gentle and funny shows teach children about manners, feelings, and cover a wealth of educational topics.  I never have to worry about what she will see on the programs.  (And by the way if I could sew, I could make millions by selling replica Chica dolls!)  

On Sprout the month of December is dedicated to holidays.  I am glad that they highlight Hanukkah and Christmas, and I have even heard mention of Kwanzaa.  Naturally I want Kyla to learn about cultures, traditions, and customs from around the world.  It is never too soon to have exposure to other fun ways to celebrate.  But let’s face it:  it’s all about CHRISTMAS.  Judging from a 2008 Gallup Poll, most people in the United States, whether or not they identify themselves as Christian, celebrate Christmas.  

The word Christmas is, at least, mentioned many times on many programs and special movies.  In the countless hours we have spent watching this “All Preschool.  All the time” channel, the “Christ” part of Christmas has not once been mentioned.  They talk about Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Christmas cookies, Christmas carols and Christmas gifts.  While I may have missed it somewhere, for all their educational opportunities they don’t teach that the reason we are doing all of these Christmas things is because of CHRIST.

Apparently it is perfectly OK to share Christmas with the world of toddler viewership as long as two conditions are met:  We teach every other possible winter festivity, and we don’t share any religious aspects of December 25th.  Really, would it create turmoil and havoc in a toddler brain if a brief mention of Jesus was given?  Somehow generations of children watching A Charlie Brown Christmas have survived.  I think the Sprout audience would too.



Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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