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The Music of Christmas: The Number One


It’s the biggest and the best.

Doug Gamble, a former writer for Bob Hope, as well as for former presidents Reagan and Bush 41 wrote this for National Review Online on December 22, 2005:

Despite its fifth-place standing on ASCAP's list of most-performed seasonal songs over the last five years, "White Christmas" is the chairman of the board of Christmas songs. It is the most-recorded song in history, with Crosby's version alone selling 31 million copies. It has been recorded by everyone from Frank Sinatra and Doris Day to Elvis Presley and Kiss.

"White Christmas" held the record as the top-selling song of all time from its release in 1942 until it was eclipsed by Elton John's horrid song about Princess Diana following her 1997 death, "Candle in the Wind." Not even original, the song was a derivative of one he had written about Marilyn Monroe.

Five years after "White Christmas" was first recorded, Crosby went back in the studio to do it again, because the master version was worn out after millions of reproductions. It is the 1947 version we are mostly familiar with, with Crosby's voice sounding slightly deeper than when he first recorded it.

While some uncertainty surrounds the origins of "White Christmas," many music historians believe Irving Berlin wrote it during the 1937 Christmas period when staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel. He was making a movie at the time, and was homesick for his family, New York, and its seasonal snow. After it was written, the song sat in a drawer for five years.

But if "White Christmas" has done much to fuel the enjoyment of Christmas celebrants around the world, what it did for our troops overseas during World War II is inestimable. Brought to troops in the form of 78-r.p.m. records contained in "recreation kits" supplied by the military, heard on Armed Forces Radio and played on jukeboxes at PX stores and USO halls, it served as a powerful reminder of why they were fighting.

In wondrous Christmas splendor, here are Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera Ellen.

1) The Music of Christmas: Jingle Bells

2) The Music of Christmas: "I am a fine musician"

3) The Music of Christmas: Mary's Boy Child

4) The Music of Christmas - Elvis Style

5) The Music of Christmas: Rudolph

6) The Music of Christmas: The Fat Man is watching

The Music of Christmas: "Haul out the holly....."

8) The Music of Christmas: Judy Garland

9) The Music of Christmas: A partridge in a pear tree

10) The Music of Christmas: Disney-style

11) The Music of Christmas: "Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun"

12) The Music of Christmas: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

13) The Music of Christmas: Santa Baby

14) The Music of Christmas: The Best Ever?

15) The Music of Christmas....that has nothing to do with Christmas

16) The Music of Christmas: You're a Mean One

17) The Music of Christmas: Southern Gospel's Contribution

18) The Music of Christmas: "Soon It Will Be Christmas Day"

19) The Music of Christmas: And Heaven and Nature Sing

20) The Music of Christmas: "Come, they told me......."

21) The Music of Christmas: "If Only in my Dreams"

22) The Music of Christmas: "It is the Night of our Dear Saviour's Birth"

23) The Music of Christmas: "Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire"

24) The Music of Christmas: "The Number One"

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