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Ding Dong! The Train is Dead. Which old Train? The Wicked Train!
Ding Dong! The Wicked Train is dead!

That would be the $810-million half-fast train between Milwaukee and Madison that would cost $8 million a year in operational expenses, would create only 55 permanent jobs, and that few would ride meaning the riders could never pay for or sustain this transportation boondoggle.

Scott Walker said he’d kill the train. He did.


Earlier today, this was considered a news bulletin. It’s really not. Scott Walker always keeps his promises. That he kept another is purely dog bites man. And he's not even Governor yet! That's the part that just drives the liberals nuts!

Liberal supporters of the half fast train are screaming that we are losing all this money. They just can’t get it through their heads that it isn’t free money. It’s tax money. And whether it’s spent here or in Wyoming or Idaho or New York or wherever, it’s still wasteful spending of money America doesn’t have.

Keep track of who is blasting this latest development: Gwen Moore, Tamara Grigsby, Tom Barrett, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial Board.

If they’re all screaming mad, it must have been good news.


The Journal Sentinel writes this about the $810 million that will now be dispersed to other states:

"Now, almost all of the $1.2 billion from the two projects (Wisconsin and Ohio) will be divided among other states. California is the big winner, with up to $624 million…”


Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett who rarely has a pulse about anything also brought up California:

“It’s a great day for California. California will get $624 million for high-speed rail. It will be a Merry Christmas for thousands of construction workers in California,” said Barrett who lost to Walker in the gubernatorial election. During that campaign, Walker made it clear he would everything in his power to kill the half fast train.  Knowing his stance, the voters elected him. It’s clear. Wisconsin didn’t want this train, period.  So why the shock and wailing and gnashing of teeth?


California? The big winner? I don’t think so. A paltry $810 million won’t help them with their own train debacle.

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