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The Barking Lot (10/30/10)

The Barking Lot

The Barking Lot is a regular weekly feature of this just in
Written by my lovely wife, Jennifer and me.  It opens with the weekend dog walking forecast followed by the main blog from dog lover, Jennifer. Then it
s DOGS IN THE NEWS and our close. Enjoy!

THE WEEKEND DOG-WALKING FORECAST: We grade the weather outlook for taking your pet outdoors. 

TODAY:  Partly cloudy. High of 58.  "B"

SUNDAY:  Mostly sunny. High of 51. "C"

Here’s my lovely wife, Jennifer with this week’s main blog:

et’s go dog shopping!  Or, at least pretend to.  Have you ever played the “What would I do if I won the lottery?”  I do something similar; I play “What kind of puppy will I get some day?”  I follow that up with a round of “What will I name my puppy?”  It’s fun and about the closest thing I will get to four paws in the house for awhile.

So… you’re at the dog shelter.  (Remember, this is my game, and my rules are you get your dog from a shelter, not a breeder.)  Cage after cage, you peruse the aisles of furry faces, eyes looking longing at you just begging “Please take me home with you.”

You don’t have a specific type of dog in mind; you just want to provide a good home to a dog that needs one.  Some of your choices are:


OK, narrow it down to two.  (One black, one golden.)

Now pick one.

Which one did you choose?  Wait.  Let me guess.  You picked GOLDEN DOG.  If you did, you followed a very common pattern with dog adoptions, and have just given in to what some people call “Black Dog Syndrome.”  Many shelter workers believe that there is a true problem with black dog bias.  

You may or may not believe this theory but this website is devoted to showcasing black dogs and encouraging people to adopt responsibly.  Other stories support the black dog bias idea, such as the experience Pamela Gregg had with Molly.  

Stray Rescue in St. Louis hopes to help combat this problem.  For the more than 200 black dogs they have currently in need of adoption, they are going to cut the adoption fees in half.  From now through November 7th, prospective pet parents pay a paw-ltry (this is where my alliteration ends) $75 instead of the usual $150.  I wish them luck in their quest to find homes for these special dogs.
---Jennifer Fischer

Thanks, Jennifer.

Time now for DOGS IN THE NEWS, canines that made headlines the past week.

Alligator on the loose, 50 pound dog eaten.

Coyote prompts Halloween alert in Minnesota.

Dogs on the ballot next Tuesday............MORE.

Car hits Minnesota man
chasing his dog on the freeway.

Jail for man who broke his dog out of pound.........MORE.

saves his owner's life.

Halloween can be scary for dogs, too.

Speaking of Halloween....

A never-ending issue.....Home cooking: Good or bad for the pooch?

Serves you right, you pig!

inspires creative writing.

Sophie is as tough as nails.

Study proves dogs recognize owners' faces.

You want a nice story?

Pebbles is saved. Was it a miracle?

You know what? I just can't contain myself on this one.

Can dog costumes be slutty?

And finally, we
close with our closing video, the story of Rowan. Rowan was born without eyes.
This link contains the story and closing video.  MORE.

Thank you for stopping by and tell a pet-loving friend about The Barking Lot.

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