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Culinary no-no #188

Culinary no-no's

This week, we focus on an immensely popular restaurant.

Known worldwide.

It enjoys customers that keep coming back time after time after time.

Most McDonald’s restaurants are essentially the same, differing little in inside décor or layout or outside architecture.

Let’s face it.

You pull in to the parking lot and what do you see?

Those famous......

Golden Arches.

And not many McDonald’s restaurants are known for their character if you will, though many do have that characteristic. One of them is located on South 76th Street in Greenfield near the Southridge Mall.

This particular location features nostalgic rock and roll memorabilia and décor. At the risk of writing that is less than award-winning, may I say this particular McDonald’s is cool, very cool

uch a cool place?

In Wisconsin?

You know what that means.

Someone just has to come along and ruin it.

In this case, it's a flatlander with help from, of course, us.

The giant of all restaurant chains wants to tear down the Solid Gold McDonald’s at 5040 S. 76th St. and spend about $2 million to build a brand new replacement. That, of course, is their prerogative.

Greenfield reports:

“As part of the plan, the new sign would not use the words ‘Solid Gold.’ Less certain, but also a possibility, is that the interior's 1950s theme - with memorabilia, unique items on the walls and life-sized mannequins - would also be gone.

‘It's weathered, it's faded. … We're not 100 percent sure but we're probably going to come in with a new, up-to-date, upscale (interior),’ said Ernie Masucci, president of Illinois-based McEssy Investment Co., which bought the Solid Gold McDonald's in 2007 from Jim Patterson.”

Spoken like a true Illinois PR guy who doesn’t understand what’s been going on at that Greenfield location for years and years. Masucci claims all that memorabilia is fading, it’s in bad shape. Really? As often as I’ve been in the Solid Gold McDonald’s, I’ve never heard a soul complain as they order their Egg McMuffin that the Elvis figure looks bad.

The architect for the new McDonald’s says they want to give patrons a whole new look and experience. Well, excuse me, Mr. Architect, but what if the customers don’t want a whole new restaurant with a whole new look that doesn’t include all the cool stuff?

Here’s where I start to worry. The proposal to tear down the Solid Gold McDonald’s and all the priceless memorabilia that goes with it is before the city of Greenfield’s Plan Commission. No offense. But when it comes to common sense, intelligence, and prudent, wise decisions, city planners don’t rank very high on my list. They could mess up a one-car funeral.

Then there’s the wimpy, wussy position taken by Greenfield Mayor Michael Neitzke.

According to GreenfieldNOW, Nietzke takes the not-so commendable position of taking two positions.  Neitzke says he’d be sad if the Solid McDonald’s themed restaurant were to go away. But he’s all in favor of the Solid McDonald’s themed restaurant going away because McDonald’s is willing to spend money on a new place.

Thanks, Mayor. So much for defending and fighting for a local landmark.

Can we not thank a great corporate citizen for their past history but at the same time politely, respectfully ask them to incorporate the popular themes and possibly more, newer, fresher items in the new restaurant?

Apparently, the mayor’s position is to cave. Yes, McDonald’s. Whatever you say, McDonald’s. I understand one of the same old McDonald’s will replace a really cool, one of a kind McDonald’s. But that’s ok with me, McDonald’s. I’m sure my Plan Commission feels the same way, McDonald’s.

I won’t write about all the neat stuff at the Solid Gold McDonald’s. I simply urge you to drive over and take a look before the city of Greenfield folds up like a card table and yet another, typical, boring McDonald’s goes up on South 76th Street.

Finally, I add that the new McDonald's will continue to have........

Ho hum.

But gone will be.....


Not to mention all those great car shows.

, don't mess up. 

I suspect you will.

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