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Franklin School District sets trap for Franklin taxpayers

Aren’t those folks that run the Franklin School District something special! They care so much about our opinion, and our school buildings of course. So much so that they have sent out another survey asking if we need to do more (i.e., spend your money) to spruce up our woefully inadequate facilities.

My goodness, where does the school district come up with all this cashola to crank out survey # 463 on this topic? Oh, yeh, stupid me. From you gullible, speechless, stay at home, never utter a peep of protest property taxpayers, that’s who!

I wrote eloquently about this matter earlier this year and if I must say so, it’s a fabulous read.

The Franklin School District intelligentsia that includes all, and I do mean all school board members that stand behind this nonsense and the superintendent get the public all lathered up by painting the picture of crumbling structures and kids that will be forced to sit in trailers (yeh, right) and sports teams that that will be worse than the Bad News bears unless you, yes you, struggling taxpayer, open up your wallet for the millionth time and fork it over.

They think they’ve got your number. They will send out sob story of a survey, one after another, begging for just the right answers, and when you politely, innocently tell them, you bet, we’d love to see an improved this and a new that……..BAM!  They’re introducing proposals to raise taxes by a bundle to build and/or improve all these facilities THAT YOU THE PUBLIC DEMANDED!

Don’t you see, Joe/Josie Taxpayer? They’re hoping you fall for this junk.

Simple solutions.

1) Toss the survey in the trash where it belongs.

2) Call school board members and tell them to support a zero percent property levy tax increase. Prepare for laughter and scorn on the other end of the line and a lecture telling you foolish mortal that it can’t be done, that schools will tumble to the ground and children will die.

Now apparently some have already filled out their surveys and diligently turned them in. OK. You didn’t have the chance to read this wisdom-filled blog before you did, so you’re forgiven.

As old eagle eye, ace FranklinNOW reporter Mark Schaaf notes, “Many have complained about the state of Franklin High School's athletic facilities.”

Yeh, I know. That’s a heartbreaker.  Major frustration.

Being the sports-minded fellow I am, I was just commenting to my wife, Jennifer what a crummy season the high school baseball team had. My old buddy, Jim Hughes, poor guy. Can’t win a game to save his life.

The football team? Struggling. Just struggling. Year after year.

I think the boy’s soccer team played last night in a playoff game. Yes, yes, I think I’m right. Did you know they only managed three goals....... against an MPS team? Now, you build two more soccer fields and we won’t be embarrassed like that ever again!

And the high school basketball teams, boy’s and girl’s…….it’s no wonder they haven’t been to state for a few years. It’s you cheapskate taxpayers. All your fault.

Throwing money at education and building Taj Mahal facilities does not equal greater student achievement or more trophies for the case. I’m gratified that Mark Schaaf found that some people ….GET IT:

“Others have opposed any property tax levy increase, saying residents can't afford it due to the economy.

‘You are running a business with our dollars, and we are concerned about how you are spending them,’ resident Donald Reed told the School Board during the district's annual meeting in August.”

Give that man a gold star.

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