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I don't care what some silly Madison columnist says....

Are you lovin’ this weather?  I know I am.

Chris Rickert is not.

Just who is Chris Wickert, you ask?

Chris Wickert is a columnist for the Wisconsin State Journal who wants fall to be in Wisconsin right now, and a blizzard to hit next week. I’ll even bet he puts ketchup on his brats.

Wickert wrote in a column Monday:

omeone needs to talk to Mother Nature or Willard Scott or whoever controls the weather and tell him to knock it off. Tuesday marks the seventh straight day (if the forecast proves correct) of high temperatures at 75 or above. On Saturday, Madison broke a 131-year-old record by reaching 85. I was in the Chicago that day, and I drove by a bank sign that reported the temperature as 94 degrees. 94!

I apologize for sounding hysterical, but when the Halloween decorations start going up, it's time for summer's end. July temperatures in week five of the NFL season are unnatural.

I suspected I was in the minority in feeling this way, so on Sunday I and my 4-year-old daughter biked over to Olbrich Botanical Gardens to test the theory that any summer-like fall day demands obligatory praise from Wisconsinites expected to be grateful any time there aren't three feet of snow on the ground. Others I spoke with had similar feelings, but there were a few as irritated as I am that fall doesn‘t just hurry up and get here already.”

Umm, Chris. Fall will arrive, followed by 9 months of winter. So, please, just calm down, relax, and enjoy.

Consider the rest of us who don’t have to turn up the heat as often.

Sleeping with windows open.

Moms who’ve been out with their youngsters in strollers on pleasant walks.

Tennis courts, normally empty, are busy.

Longer lines at custard stands, folks holding on to a summer ritual.

Cyclists along Bradford Beach or any of the lakes in Madison.

Walkers in parks.

UPS drivers with their doors flung wide open.

Kids on the playground at recess.


Grills that have yet to be put away.

Dining alfresco.

Not having to dress in multi-layers.

Not having to mow the lawn in a parka.

Fewer coughs and colds.

A longer season of bright colored leaves.

High school football games sans shivering.

Ditto trips to the pumpkin patch.

School crossing guards.


Construction workers.

A few more trips into neighborhoods by ice cream trucks.

And I close with the following:

An elderly gentleman friend of mine hospitalized, just diagnosed with bone cancer, allowed to spend some time outside with his family.

Fall, fall, please stay away as long as you can.

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