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9/11 hero facing demotion after policy violation

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Jose Melendez-Perez was a bona fide authentic American 9/11 hero even before 9/11.

His actions as a terrorism agent by sending a muscleman terrorist out of the United States helped prevent a direct attack on Washington D.C. from Flight 93 on 9/11.

But after an exemplary 44-year career marked by a one-time policy violation that Melendez-Perez admitted to, he faces being stripped of his current position.

Short-sighted callers on WISN today took the “rules are rules “approach and argued Melendez-Perez must be demoted, period.

Two insightful callers said, “We should use the assets he has to continue to make our country stronger,” and another caller said demoting Melendez-Perez was “a waste of resources, a waste of intelligence.”

Many callers to Newstalk 1130 WISN today as I filled in for Mark Belling took the position that we should cut off our nose to spite our face and emote the agent.

At worst, this is a disciplinary action that carries a suspension. Why is it taking five months and longer to investigate a clear-cut case? Do the feds have something against Melendez-Perez?


What does America gain, how is America served by taking Melendez-Perez off the front lines against terrorism? If anyone gains, it’s the terrorists whoa re probably laughing at how we’re handling this case. Are we serious about an aggressive fight against terrorism or aren’t we? Shouldn’t we use Melendez-Perez to the best of his ability? What good is he tucked way in some field office doing bureaucratic paperwork?

Apparently, we are willing to forget an exemplary 44-year career record and sweep it under the rug just to enforce the less than common sense approach that rules arte rules. This heroic agent deserves more than the basic consideration for almost singlehandedly saving the nation’s capitol from a massive terrorist attack.

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God bless yopu, agent Melendez-Perez. Thank you for your service to America. Here's hoping common sense prevails and you are allowed to return to your job that you do so well in defense of our great country ASAP after an appropriate suspension. 

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