Summer Resort Workers

Published on: 9/28/2010

Have you been to Door County or the Dells in the last few years? I have. I particularly love Door County because to me it is like a mini Cape Cod. What surprises me when I go to these vacation spots are all the young foreign workers. They are young men and women between the ages of 18 and 25, I guess, who come from such places as: Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Macedonia, Turkey and many other countries. They work with some young people from the USA. I don’t know what the mix is; perhaps 50/50. Here is what I don’t understand: Why are we bringing summer workers all the way from Russia, for example, when we have young people in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha and other urban areas of Wisconsin who need summer jobs? If we can house and feed summer workers from Eastern Europe at these summer resorts, why can’t we do the same for white and minority college students or other unemployed young people from our own state? Is it because we do not trust our own residents? Is it because these young people do not want these jobs? Or is it because the resort owners have not tried to recruit them? Obviously, I have more questions about this, than answers. I have nothing against young people from Eastern Europe and I understand why they want to come to the States to work, but shouldn’t we give more of our own young adults a chance to work and live in these areas during the summer. I think so.