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I have changed my mind and will vote for Tom Barrett

I know that title may shock some of you, but after listening to some of the ads put forth by those warm, fuzzy Democrats and hearing what that underdog trooper Tom Barrett has to say finding himself behind in the polls, I have no choice like many voters after hearing :30 snippets and sound bites but to support Tom Barrett for governor of the great state of Wisconsin.


You would, too, after hearing what all those honest, decent, trustworthy Democrats have to say.

For example, did you know Scott Walker actually wants women to die from breast cancer?


Oh, there's more.

Scott Walker is hoping to kick thousands of poor, innocent children off BadgerCare so they will, y'know, starve or just fade away.

Scott Walker can’t even run the Milwaukee County House of Corrections and he wants to run the state prison system? I know, I know, Walker says he authored truth in sentencing legislation when he was in the state Assembly. He says, he says!

Tom Barrett says he will not be emboldened to the special interests. That is extremely heartwarming. Just Imagine. When Barrett is governor, he will snub WEAC and the unions and the entire social service handout crowd. Tom Barrett would never support special interests, no way, no how.

Barrett will cut taxes. He knows how to do it, now that he’s trying to do it for the very first time in his city budget proposed just last week, just weeks before the general election. 

Oh, and all those tax freeze budgets Walker submitted as  County Executive, each and every one of them? Ummm. Y'know what? Just ignore them. Because Walker…, where the hell are my notes and talking points……..oh, yeh. Ahem! Walker destroyed our parks, despite any national awards they may have won.Those award people never had to come and flush a county park toilet. Why, each and every City Hall toilet and bathroom is always 100% immaculately clean.

Tom Barrett will make us all safe. A Barrett ad says
violent crime in Milwaukee has decreased by over 20% to its lowest levels in more than 20 years. It must be true because the liberal Milwaukee Journal Sentinel emphatically reports it’s not true!  Can't trust that rag. Barrett's gotta be right.

Here's a beauty! President Obama says Tom Barrett has held the line on property taxes.

Again, the fact finders, even the liberal crowd at the Journal Sentinel says this isn’t true. But that would be saying the great Obamessiah is wrong. The most intelligent man God ever put on this planet would be incorrect. The man who will lead us to the Promised Land, not in complete grasp of the facts? Can’t be true! We will be safe under Governor Barrett.
I understand when crime was running rampant in Milwaukee he was doing photo ops in New York City. I understand when crime was running rampant back home he suggested giving bubble gum baseball cards and Summerfest schedules to violent gang members. That is brilliant, I tell you! No wonder crime is down in Milwaukee and residents feel so secure. They are now leaving their doors and windows unlocked and taking walks after midnight.

Tom Barrett is wise. He’s not sophomoric like Scott Walker. Mark that down, voters.









Oh, and let’s not forget. Tom Barrett got beat up. I kinda remember that now that his wife keeps bringing it up over and over again. I admit, I’m not sure what that has to do with this campaign, but it sounds pretty cool, especially when Scott Walker put out that ad wearing boxing gloves. Of course Scott Walker was trying to make fun of Tom Barrett being beat up on the street. It must be true because the media says so.

Finally, I am voting for Tom Barrett because he will create jobs for Wisconsin as he did for the city of Milwaukee. I am choosing to ignore the city unemployment rates. They can’t possibly be right because Tom, Mr. Nice Guy, will fix, a la Obama, everything.

Tom Barrett is Jim Doye-lite? Nonsense. Just look at all of Tom’s wavy hair.

My goodness, you’d just have to vote for OLD loveable Tom Barrett after everything you’ve heard.

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