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Culinary no-no #181

Culinary no-no's

That collective sigh of relief you’re hearing all over America is from millions of parents rejoicing in the resumption of class time.

Back to school means school lunches.

School lunches require a wash.

That usually comes in the form of….


Or does it?

A more accurate kiddy school lunch beverage would be…

Chocolate milk is extremely popular. The New York Times reports:

"For those who haven’t been in a school cafeteria lately, 71 percent of the milk served nationwide is flavored. In New York City, school food officials say fat-free chocolate milk fills nearly 60 percent of the 100 million cartons served each year. The rest is one-percent plain."

Makes sense. What kid doesn't like chocolate? When you were just a small fry, I bet you loved chocolate milk.

Oh, oh.

You know how culinary works.

Feels like the dark, ominous clouds are moving in faster than usual this week.

Look out.

Bomb's gonna drop!

OK, gang. Let's summarize what we have here.


Young kids.

Young kids in school.

Young kids in school who drink milk.

Young kids in school who drink milk and love it.

What could possibly go wrong?

Enter the know-it-all educrats.

Back to the New York Times and the "B" word:

"But chocolate milk can contain about twice as much sugar as plain low-fat milk."

Yeh, so.

Sooooooo, in the government must control everything world of 2010 we live in, another "B" word comes into play. Some school districts are now banning the ever-popular chocolate milk.

Your kid loves chocolate milk? Tough.

Your kid will only drink chocolate milk? Tough.

The policy to rid schools of chocolate or any flavored milk is foolish and unhealthy. Just last month, a new study released at the School Nutrition Association's Annual National Conference in Dallas showed that when chocolate or other flavored milk choices were eliminated from school cafeterias, milk consumption dropped significantly, and so did the intake of all those healthy nutrients. reports:

(The study) “found that when lowfat flavored milk was not available in school cafeterias, many children chose not to drink milk and missed out on the essential nutrients that milk provides. On days when only white milk was offered, milk consumption dropped an average of 35 percent, with some schools experiencing a decline of more than 50 percent. The study also revealed that milk consumption stayed down in schools that were in their second year of eliminating or restricting flavored milks.

‘When flavored milk was not an option, many children wouldn't take the white milk or if they did, they frequently threw it away,’ said Linda Stoll, MPH, executive director of food services at Jeffco Public Schools in Jefferson County, Colo., which participated in the study. ‘It was tragic to see all the nutrients go down the drain’."

Rachel K. Johnson, PhD, RD, a professor of nutrition at the University of Vermont said, "As the study demonstrated, there could be well-meaning but negative consequences of limiting the availability of flavored milks."

In other words, so-called “educated” people once again exhibit a lack of common sense, and actually do more harm than good. So much for those degrees coming out of their armpits.

Read more from the New York Times and Medical News Today.



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