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Watchdog group to Government Accountability Board: CLEAN UP THIS LIST!

From the We’re Watching Wisconsin Elections Campaign:

After the Florida election fiasco of 2000, the Federal Government decided that we, the American people, needed help in voting properly.  Really?  So congress passed the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and funded it with lots of taxpayers’ money.  One of the main things HAVA mandated was that each state CLEAN UP ITS VOTER REGISTRATION LIST!  Ten years, thousands of new government jobs, and millions and millions of your tax dollars later, let’s see how HAVA is working for us.

In a recent interview, former US Department of Justice Attorney J. Christian Adams said the Department of Justice decided NOT to enforce the HAVA rule that requires the names of ineligible voters’ to be taken off state voter registration lists. The rationale was that removing ineligible names would do nothing to increase voter turnout and would, instead, prevent access to the ballot box.  Really???  Check out this video clip of his interview:

Okay, so things are a mess at the federal level, but our state government has our backs when it comes to clean voter registration lists – Really???  The Government Accountability Board (GAB), the Wisconsin state agency responsible for administering our elections, declared in October 2009 that Wisconsin was in total compliance with HAVA.”  Really???  What about the 70,000 names that could not  be verified through checks of the data base, but currently remain in our Statewide Voter Registration System?   Never mind that GAB has attempted to reach the 70,000 people numerous times and in various ways since 2008 to the tune of well over a million of your taxpayer’s dollars.  Despite remaining unverified after all these attempts, these ineligible names remain in our Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS) today – Really!!  Is that how GAB defines “total compliance?”  Really???

GAB’s response to that question is that “a non-matching HAVA check does NOT disqualify someone from voting, it simply tells us we should make additional efforts to reconcile the records."  And get this - if an uncorrected clerical error did result in a voter’s name being taken off the list, that voter would simply be required to re-register with the correct information to be reinstated as a qualified voter.  A small price any qualified voter would want to pay to keep Wisconsin’s poll list accurate and keep the integrity of our elections intact – I mean really!!

If these things weren’t so serious, they would be laughable.  According to Fred Dardick ( ) “election fraud only works if citizens remain ignorant of the problem and unwilling to become involved in the voting process.”

So what can you do NOW? Really glad you asked!! Together we can make HAVA stand for “How About Voting Accountability” (

Action Steps:

- Phone  GAB @ 866-868-3947 or email  and tell them to remove the 70,000 unverifiable names from the registration list before the poll books are printed for this fall’s election.

- Attend the GAB meeting on Monday, August 30th at 9:30 (212 E. Washington Ave. Madison). This will be the last opportunity for the GAB to formally instruct its staff to remove the unverified names.  Wisconsin poll lists need to be kept accurate and current.


Protect Your Vote – this is how it is done! – REALLY!!!

Training Class Announcements!


Wisconsin Has One of the Most Fraud Prone Election Systems in the Country:


* No Photo I.D. required * Deceased people “vote” * Residency   requirement is only 10 days * People could easily vote more than once * People could steal your vote by simply giving your name & address. * People from bordering states can vote here too * Our State-wide Voter Registration List has thousands of unverified names on it * Over-worked and under-trained  poll workers can lead to errors.

What Can You Do? 


Who Can Observe?  Each and Every One of Us


When and Where Can You Observe?

1. At the Polling Place on Election Day (including the Primary)

2. At the Polling Place After the Polls Close

3. Absentee Ballot Count Locations (ask your clerk)

4. During Absentee Voting in a Clerk’s Office Prior to the Election

5. At Nursing Homes, etc., Prior to the Election


We have the tools to make you an Effective Observer:

1. Election Observer Manual

2. Companion PowerPoint Presentation

3. Training Classes Are Open to the General Public:

Waukesha Headquarters (Pearl St. & Hwy. 59) Sept. 8 at 7:00

West Allis Public Library (75th and National Ave.) Sept. 9 at 6:30

LaCrosse Sept 1 PENDING  

Call Jon Waclawski at 608-239-2996 to arrange a training program.


Where can I find these tools:   Here.


Where do I sign up?  Go to  


The We’re Watching Wisconsin Elections Campaign is an unaffiliated group of concerned citizens who follow issues affecting Wisconsin elections.


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