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Culinary no-no #180

Culinary no-no's



Remember this guy?


Of course you do. That’s the late Paul Lynde, who is probably most famous for his gazillion appearances on a popular daytime TV game show.

Lynde also appeared in Bye Bye Birdie where he sang “Kids.”

I don't know what's wrong with these kids today!

Who can understand anything they say?

What's the matter with kids today?”

Given the deteriorating state of America and the continuing erosion of our liberties and freedom, seems kids could turn the phrase around:

What’s the matter with adults today?

In previous culinary no-no entries, we’ve discussed the lecturing from the left about how bad we are when it comes to our diets. Naturally, their solution is to have government intervene. In the process, it messes up everything. 

Is a food too unhealthy? Let’s tax the hell out of it.

Let’s force restaurants to put calorie counts on their menus. Then we’ll have bean counter bureaucrats armed with clipboards check up on the establishments. If they don’t follow the rules, BAM.  We’ll hit them with heavy fines.

Let’s put limits on how many fast food places can open up in certain areas.

Let’s put restrictions on what kind of ingredients restaurants can put in their menus.

We will tell you what you can eat, when you can eat, and how much you can eat.

The food police run amok, out of control, without shame. They will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal of controlling everyone else’s lives, no mater what it takes, no matter how low they can go.

Consider this case out of California.

Pine Lake Camp in the San Francisco area is described as something out of a time machine, a pristine place for kids to spend the summer. The storybook campsite, however, is seeing hard times brought on by budget cuts and the departure of a longtime and extremely popular camp director, Dave Dinslage. Dinslage basically reacted to the ridiculous heavy-handed manner in which society is handling its affairs with a common outcry: enough is enough.

The 60-year old was nearing retirement anyway, but he realizes he ruffled some feathers. Good for him.

First, when budget cuts resulted in layoffs, Dinslage went to speak on behalf of his colleagues at a Board of Supervisors meeting. You know how this ideally works. The Board of Supervisors works for you. You’re supposed to listen, even though you may not like what you hear. What happened when Dinslage spoke out for his fellow workers? The supervisors got all upset.

That pissed them off,” said Dinslage.

Where’s the culinary no-no, Kev?

Oh, we’re getting to it. Just stay with me. Work with me.

Every Thursday night, there’s a campfire at Pine Lake Camp. When you have a campfire at a camp, what, ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, is an absolute must?




You got it.......

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Kids would toast marshmallows and press them between two graham crackers with a slice of chocolate for a time-honored camp snack.”

Now, you can probably guess where we’re going and can imagine what happened next.

No, Kev.

Don’t say it.

They wouldn’t.

I can’t believe it.

They wouldn’t dream in a million years…..

Oh, yes, they would.

Because they know best.

They’re smarter than you.

They are pompous and arrogant.

And whatever they do, it’s for your own good.

We return you to the San Francisco Chronicle right where we left off. I believe it was a Thursday night and the weekly ritual for kids around the campfire.

“But the s'mores ran into the city's sugar police. No chocolate and probably no marshmallows, Dinslage was told. That left toasted graham crackers. Dinslage couldn't stand it.

‘I wasn't supposed to do marshmallows but I did it anyhow,’ he said. ‘Bought them myself.’

He knows that's the kind of thing that hurt his employment chances. He's bitter, he admits, but resigned. On Friday kids came up and asked him to autograph their camp shirts. He's always had a rapport with youngsters. Maybe because at 5-foot-5, he looks so many of them in the eye.”

Doesn’t matter to the obnoxious food police. How heartless and disgusting can you be, telling kids at camp they can’t have….

They would take away one of the historical summer outdoor joys children have loved for decades just to suit their own selfish interests. What are kids supposed to do? Put carrots for roasting on a stick?

By the way, the SF Chronicle reports Dinslage was fired after his last Thursday night s’mores outing with the kids.

The fact is these food police and food Nazis (and they hate being called that but that’s what they are) don’t even bat an eyelash about their utter ignorance. Unabashedly, they condescendingly preach that it’s their way or you and your kids are going to live horrifyingly unhealthy and unhappy existences with life expectancies cut dramatically short, unless you buy into their freakezoid mentality.

I’m not kidding. Read this look-down-her-nose column by Vegan Lord Catherine Burt who essentially tells beef eating readers that they are not only harming themselves but everyone else to boot. This is moonbatttery to the nth degree.

Burt writes, “Those who smoke, do inflict harm on everyone and everything around them. Likewise, those who consume eggs, meat, and dairy are usually unaware of the harm they support. Not only to the 14 billion animals consumed annually in the US, but to free-living animals, who are displaced from their habitat by livestock and feed crops. Animal farming pollutes the air, and makes inefficient use of a finite supply of water and land that we all share. It requires yet more land for crops that feed all those billions of livestock animals – crops which are often genetically modified and/or laden with pesticides, creating an even larger toll on the environment and its inhabitants.”

Excuse me while I wipe the tear from my eye before I take another bite of my Big Mac you nutjob. She also bellows:

“But let one vegan suggest a plant-based diet… and the fireworks begin. We are called bossy, self-righteous food nazis, who just want to take away everyone’s choices and tell them what to do.”

If the shoe fits, crazy lady....

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