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Why the puff piece on Obama visit?

Conservative blogger Amy Geiger Hemmer sent the following to MJS management and Thomas Content. Content wrote an article about the president’s visit to the ZBB plant in Menomonee Falls.

Dear Mr. Kaiser and Mr. Content:


Recently Mr. Content wrote a story which appeared in the Business section on 8/17/2010, detailing President Obama's visit to ZBB Energy Corp. ("ZBB welcomes the attention").

What was missing from the report was the dismal financial track record of this company.  Why? 


The Wall Street Journal had the information:


I wonder why Mr. Content did not know about any of this - or if he did - why didn't he report it in his article?  Isn't the public supposed to be informed?  ZBB was touted by Obama as a "success" when it clearly isn't.  It is being subsidized by government funds.  That is all that is keeping it afloat.  This goes hand-in-hand with Obama's philosophy of rewarding failure while punishing success. At the expense of the taxpayers.  A company that isn't making a profit - is losing money - yet is being propped up with "stimulus funds"  because, well, because it makes something liberals like Obama like! 


The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel is really not serving the needs of the general public as honestly as it could.  This can also be said of the way in which the paper is ignoring many Barrett problems (like MMSD and water rates increasing), yet chosing to report every little slip-up by Scott Walker, no matter how incredibly slight or unimportant.  The bias is incredible in the Barrett/Walker case.  The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel may wish to review with reporters the "who, what, why, when, and where" formula for good reporting.  Why are water rates going to increase so dramatically?  Isn't that Tom Barrett's department?  Or the continued dumping of raw waste into Lake Michigan - wasn't Barrett going to address that?  Wasn't that one of his major campaign promises years ago? 

How about doing YOUR jobs - providing all the news - not just what you think the public needs to know.



Amy L. Geiger-Hemmer

Amy is essentially asking a biased institution to become unbiased. Not gonna happen.

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