My message to Kobi!

It has been a little over two years since you came in to our lives and I am still reeling at how lucky we are to have you as part of this family.

Someday when you are old enough to understand that you are adopted and have that dreaded question that I think most adoptive parents don't want to hear....Why did my mommy give me up? Mark and I want to be able to let you know how lucky we are because you walked in to our lives and how much we love you. We also plan on letting you know how much your mother loved you as well. So much that she knew that giving you up was the right thing to do.

I have a friend who has adopted 6 children and she tells them, "you were chosen." I think that is so wonderful and that is what I want you to know Kobi, that you were chosen. Well Kobi, you have been chosen to spend a lifetime with this family and Mark, Erica and I are all so happy you are here. Again, I must reiterate, how lucky are we?

I look forward to many years of your excitement over the littlest things, like your big sister taking you out for lunch and getting you applesauce instead of french fries. I look forward to you coming home and telling me how much you liked seeing your big sister and your talks with her.  I look forward to your first date. Mostly, I look forward to you knowing and understanding how much we all love you.

Kobi, I wish for you to never give up your enthusiasm or your excitement over the smallest things.

I am so lucky to have 2 blessings in my family, Erica and now you. I love you both!

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